John McDonnell MP: A Radical Alternative to Austerity | Speaker’s Chair

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This is an interesting article from John McDonnell MP. Check it out!

John McDonnell MP: A Radical Alternative to Austerity | Speaker’s Chair.

Personally, I am very strongly against the prevailing policy of austerity in Europe but I am equally against the proposals of  John McDonnell MP.

What do you think should be done to stimulate growth?

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  1. John McDonnell’s policies would drive business offshore and cause a brain drain whilst damaging the competitiveness of the City, so I think we are in agreement at least on that point.

    The measures needed to stimulate growth and jobs in the UK (whilst it remains in its present state are as follows:

    1) Lower corporation taxes to the levels prevailing in Singapore, abolish inheritance taxes, lower VAT to say 15%, bring down levels of personal income tax to those prevailing in Singapore so that the present Black Economy, (possibly 15% of GDP starts to shrink and the 6 million people engaged in it start to actually pay some tax).

    2) Pass laws to attract inward investment from people willing to invest at least £100 million gbp and employ 100 members of the indigenous population which allow such people to receive automatic British Citizenship (subject to proper checks undertaken thoroughly but on a fast track basis) enjoy no income tax and preferential treatment vis a vis planning applications for expansion.

    3) Expand airport capacity and privatise the Border Agency and Immigration department whilst ensuring that passengers are processed as quickly as I was in Shanghai airport.

    4) Lower airport charges for incoming passengers to the levels of Schengen Agreement passengers.

    Currently Chinese and foreign businessmen complain to Boris Johnson and BA’s CEO, Willie Walsh that it it is cheaper for them to do business in Europe with access to 25 countries than it is to come here. David Cameron, George Osborne and “Champagne Socialist Vince Cable are sitting on their hands and doing nothing whilst business goes elsewhere.

    5) Put exporting on a war-footing by quadrupling the number of export salespeople over a Parliament and assigning them to firms which have market leadership in their fields.

    For this use crash NLP and sales training via Miller Heimann and language teaching via the Pimsleur method (the World’s fastest way of learning languages).

    6) Stop the foreign military engagements by leaving Afghanistan and other places where we have special forces stirring up trouble and cannot afford to be.

    7) Abolish the Barnett Formula and the drain of resources from London and the South East to other parts of the country.

    8) Cull the Royal Family of all its junior and unnecessary members and eliminate the payments to the Queen which are over and above the official Civil List.

    9) Perform a value for money test on the Monarchy each year with independently audited and transparently checked figures.

    The costs of the Monarchy would have to be justified by clear economic benefit in the form of new export sales which we would not have obtained as a country in any other way.

    All properties over and above those which are needed by the Queen as homes or Royal Palaces to be turned into museums and tourist attractions and all minor Royals left after the cull to pay for their own homes just like everyone else.

    10) The A14 to be widened now

    11) Planning laws to be freed up with no Cameronesque “listening or U Turns” to appease NIMBIES.

    12) Reduce the number of English Counties to 12, create County Unitary Authorities,eliminate all other tiers of local government, reduce English police forces to 12, develop 12 shared service areas.

    13) Formulate a new agreement with other countries such as Australia and Canada to sell off surplus population as happened in the 1960,s when every man woman and child accepted by Australia was accompanied by a bounty of £2,695 gbp agreed under a secret deal completed by Harold MacMillan.

    This should continue until our population is reduced to 35 million from its present level of 62 million plus 4.5 million illegal immigrants.

    14) Clear all housing benefit recipients from London and major cities and house them in converted shipping containers which can be purchased on E-Bay for less than £2,900 gbp each, on brownfield sites at the edge of towns.
    Recycle the savings into job creation and SME startup advice.

    15) Privatise rural police stations and neighbourhood patrolling in rural areas and increase police numbers in major commercial and tourist centres like London to make people feel safe and encourage inward investment.
    Outsource all non core services and procurement.

    16) Introduce the death penalty for major drug dealers, people smugglers and murderers and expand prison capacity using

    ICF construction methods to deal with burglars and prolific offenders.

    Expand the “factories within fences programme” so that victims of crime can be repaid from work done by prisoners.

    17) Introduce variable taxes on food, use robots in care homes,merge the NHS and Adult Social Care budgets and transfer Adult Social Care recipients without money or relatives to India where they are cheaper to look after.

    18) Reinforce marriage in the tax system and stop all further attempts to make divorce easier ,cheaper or faster or to introduce damaging concepts like Gay Marriage and no fault divorce.
    All our successful major competitors in the Far East recognise that marriage and family life is essential to economic prosperity and our leaders need to recognise the fact.

    19) Variable tax on food

    20) Re-introduce National Service for 2 years to inculcate discipline ,sadly lacking in the general population.

    21) Reform the NHS and state schools by benchmarking them against the best in the world.

    22) Fire the postmen, tanker drivers and tube workers and lock them out without compensation-They have held the rest of us to ransom too often.

    Privatise all this work and sell off the Royal Mail to the Bundespost.

    Tube workers would be replaced by Serco and the tanker drivers by private hauliers.

    23) Start onshore oil exploration sell the oil and use the money to fund language training and export sales schools for 6th formers.

    24) Reduce holidays by 2 weeks, abolish all Bank Holidays except for Christmas and add the total to an overall holiday entitlement.

    25) Introduce a substantial dog and cat licence with compulsory microchipping listing both the owner of the animal and the animal’s name so that owners whose animals fouled in a public place could be fined heavily as an example to others.

    26) Introduce Beecroft style employment law reforms.

    • John, many thanks for the detailed response which I have reblogged.

      Whilst, I agree with the broad thrust of your argument, I am uncomfortable with many of your detailed proposals. However, I believe that your proposals provide a checklist for policy-makers.

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