“This realm of England is an empire…” – John Redwood MP

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting viewpoint from John Redwood, Conservative MP. Check it out!

“This realm of England is an empire…”.

With calls this weeks for a United States of Europe, it was inevitable that a prominent politician like John Redwood MP would start the debate about the future of the UK in Europe.

Regular readers of this blog will know my views that I have always been pro-European in the sense of an open trading market for goods and services but I have hardened against increasing European bureaucracy and inefficiency, coupled with increasing demands for greater political union.

As an aside, the last couple of months, I have been travelling in both Northern and Southern Europe, and on a daily basis am reminded that European countries, their cultures and their people all are very different. I have a particularly vivid memory of  a visit to the Austrian Parliament in Vienna  and heard about debating in the heyday of the Austrian Hungarian Empire – each country’s representatives had their own colourful delaying tactic – the Italians would bring wine and food into the chamber, and generally make a lot of noise. It is ironical that the splendid Austrian Parliament building is modelled on the architecture of classical Greece.

Anyway, what do you think of John Redwood’s blog?

One response

  1. John Redwood,s blog misses the point because it is not up to the people or even Parliament to decide whether the UK remains in Europe.

    It has already been decided by the Bilderbergers of whom David Cameron is one and Clegg is another, that we are to remain in.

    All the heads of European Governments, most Times 1000 Chief Executives, all US Presidents and most European top industrialists and bankers, the Labour frontbench, Simon Hughes, Chris Hughn, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Ken Clarke are also Bilderbergers and following their meetings whatever they have collectively agreed comes to pass.
    When they are split, as they are on what to do about the Euro then dithering and indecision sets in with Chancellor Merkel wanting one thing and David Cameron and President Obama wanting another.
    This is why we will never get a Referendum and even if one is promised it still will not happen.

    All British Prime Ministers are Bilderbergers and have been since 1954 when it was conceived by MI6 and the people who control them.

    The UK is an Empire in the sense that when the old British Empire ended the leaders of the newly independent states, particularly in Africa, were placemen who effectively did our bidding and in many cases still do.
    The system ensures that the bulk of this country’s money remains offshore and in the hands of very few people who then invest in gold, art and in those countries which are demonstrating real growth potential.

    For example Lord Rothschild has a huge mansion in Shanghai and invests heavily in the Far East whilst Waddesdon Manor near Aylesbury remains the UK branch of the dynasty’s “family seat”.

    The decisions about this country have therefore already been made and Parliament is little more than an irrelevant talking shop whilst the bulk of our laws are made in Europe by other Bilderbergers in the EC.

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