Rowan Williams pours scorn on David Cameron’s ‘big society’ | UK news | The Observer

David Cameron

David Cameron (Photo credit: Nick Atkins Photography)

This is a good article from the Guardian. Check it out!

Rowan Williams pours scorn on David Cameron’s ‘big society’ | UK news | The Observer.

Personally, I broadly agree with Rowan Williams.

For me, David Cameron has always been quick on his feet but light on real vision, strategy, and most critically delivery.

In a separate blog, I have picked up an article from the Independent that the fight for David Cameron’s successor has begun.

What do you think?

2 responses

  1. Dr Rowan Williams is not the staunch advocate of Judeo Christian values that the UK needs and has presided over a decline in Anglican Church attendance to less than 1/2 % and with his disgraceful comments about Sharia Law which he refused to take back should have been sacked a long time ago.

    However, his argument about the Big Society is basically the same as the one I put forward on the day David Cameron first announced it.

    Namely that the Big Society is little more than hopes and dreams of a world in which worthy middle class people would volunteer to be magistrates, councillors, librarians, teaching assistants, special constables and even fill in council workers and thus deliver essential public services at no cost.

    The model for such a volunteer was David Cameron’s own mother and the place where the young David grew up.
    It is a gigantic flight of imagination to think that in a country where 80% of people with bank accounts have less than £500 gbp in them at any one time and monthly disposable incomes have fallen to less than £97 gbp per working household of 4, that enough people would have the time to volunteer to deliver public services which once the cuts bite, will no longer be funded.

    Turning now to David himself, he has proved to be a lightweight who does not have real convictions who speaks first and makes us live to regret it later with ill thought out policies and U Turn after U Turn.

    Failure to reform the NHS, sack and replace militant bus workers, tube workers, postal workers have led to a knock on effect whereby new groups of people try it on for size knowing that there is no clear direction, only a desire for the well meaning Mr. Cameron to stay in the job until his bigger UN job and Tony Blair style speechmaking career comes into play in 2015.

    You will have noticed that the two of them have become unusually close over the past year.

    So following the customary visit to Bohemian Grove you will see Mr. Cameron becoming even more laid back.
    This, as the UK’s problems worsen after possible trouble at the Olympics, and the Olympic Legacy fails to materialise and the summer of distraction from harsh reality dissipates into an October.

    Planned petrol price rises to unimaginable levels and an Autumn of trouble will begin followed by a Middle East War after the American elections in November.

    Even without that, the Conservatives are going to be out of power for a very long time if they keep up the present policies under David Cameron who seems intent on bringing in stupid and unwarranted measures such as gay marriage, the attempt last week to drive up landfill charges by 2 – 500% in one go which would have destroyed the construction industry and only ended when the Skip drivers descended en masse to Downing Street and refused to pick up their skips until the proposed legislation was reversed via HMRC guidance issued on that Friday of the same week.

    The failure to get a grip on queues at Heathrow and our airports, lumbering us with unnecessary Green Taxes which are damaging our competitiveness, the failure to expand airport capacity or widen the A14, invest in scientific research or take on incompetent teachers or support marriage in the tax system or support proper policing/law and order or come up with a sensible and competitive tax regime.

    These are all are symptomatic of a genial Nero wearing a Boden jacket and guzzling beer, fiddling while Rome burns whilst dreaming of an imaginary world of warm beer, bicycling magistrates and people volunteering.

    The country now needs someone with conviction and intellectual toughness to do the things which are necessary.
    The first of these is to make people understand that we have to sell our way out of difficulty and give up our lazy ways, holidayitis, something for nothing mentality and inability to face difficult truths without retreating into jokes and humour.

    Mr Cameron constantly going on holiday and chillaxing with wine creates the impression that everything is fine and that the population can do the same, so his replacement must be a person of intellectual stature who is seen during every waking moment to be working with zeal and speaking with messianic conviction.

    The present generation of Civil Service Mandarins are not up to the task and need to be replaced by private sector people capable of leaping tall buildings at a single bound and putting reform and export sales on a war footing.
    We now have been told by one of these Mandarins, that the cuts are going to going to take 10 years yet originally it was supposed to take a Parliament and then because of the Euro crisis and a failure to tackle waste and malfeasance George Osborne now tells us it will be 7 years, longer even than the period of office of the Coalition.

    Had we followed the Canadian example and cut deeper and faster over 2 years, by now we would be debt free and powering to a new future. We did not do this, preferring instead to defer the difficult decisions and always go for the soft option. It has not worked so “Call me Dave” needs to be replaced by someone either capable of uniting the country in a proper Coalition or someone who can win an election outright who can galvanise the country. This is a tall order but someone needs to be found and very quickly at that.

    • John, many thanks for a very interesting response. I can see that you have stron g views on the subject. Whilst, I very much endorse the general thrust of your argument, I am not sure that I endorse all of your views and certainly hope that we don’t have a Middle Eastern war following the US election.

      Like you, I have been a Tory voter all my life and strongly agree that David Cameron is a lightweight. I am now extremely angry with the Conservative Party, and amazingly find myself identifying with the Labour Oppposition’s economic policies.

      Both David Cameron and George Osborne come from highly privileged backgrounds and have no real experience of life before entering politics – public school/Oxford and no career or profession is just not enough for national leadership in times of crisis – worst of all, they are isolated from the realities and problems of ordinary people (including Conservative voters). Of course, the problem is more widespread, with a bunch of extremists running the Conservative Party, we now have a Government that is chasing Gay and other minority votes.

      It was such a shame that a real Conservative, like David Davies, did not beat David Cameron in the leadership contest.

      Do you have any views on the likely successor to David Cameron?

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