Our fifth day at sea…

Izmir early in the morning

Izmir early in the morning (Photo credit: La Laetti)

Izmir, Turkey to Alexandria, Egypt, is a long way so our fifth day we were at sea the whole day. According to the charts, there are depths of two thousand metres in this part of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather was good, it was hot, sunny and a bit humid, probably well over thirty degrees.

It was very much a day in which Alf was deep in the tales of Sherlock Homes and Marilyn was in her second John Grisham.

We had mentioned to the crew about our strange noises at night but they politely reminded us that we were on a ship. It’s hard to describe the noise – it’s like a variable pitch creak, a bit like the sound of a Geiger counter. Needless to say, we did not look forward to our slumber period.

The crew is polite but largely go about their business as if the three passengers were not there. We have become good friends with Jean Pierre, who has spent much of his life as an engineer in the developing World, so hours passed rapidly in swapping tales and exploring views. Alf has very much enjoyed speaking French and Jean Pierre has started to get more confident in English, a language he has not practiced for many years. We talked about many different subjects, and were an obvious distraction for each other.

The sea trip has been a wonderful experience and Alf seems keen on another journey by sea but there has been a bit of hot debate about the merits and demerits of cargo travel…

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