Rebalancing the economy – John Redwood MP

This is an interesting and reflective blog from John Redwood MP.

Rebalancing the economy.

Sadly, so far the Coalition Government’s policies have been completely inadequate to grow the Private Sector. One of the major obstacles has been finance, with the Financial Services industry consumed with their own greed rather than national gain.

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  4. John Redwood is right and I would go further with the quadrupling of the export salesforce combined with Pimsleur style language teaching, accelerated writing down allowances to allow for expansion, the creation of a National Enterprise Bank, the widening of the A14, the building of Boris Island, expansion of airport capacity in relation to the BRIC countries and the creation of business boot camps in schools and a much more rigourous curriculum for state schools.

    Some form of National Service needs to be reintroduced along with variable tax on foods to combat the obesity crisis and drive up productivity whilst inculcating a sense of duty and work ethic into a population that thinks the world owes it a living.

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