Tory fears over George Osborne tactics –

Ed Balls

English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking ...
English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking on the launch of the Conservative Party manifesto for the 2009 European Parliament elections, at Keele University. (805×1207 px, 283,711 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent and important article from the Guardian. Check it out! | Tory fears over George Osborne tactics.

The article alleges that the UK Chancellor (Finance Minister), George Osborne,  has been trawling the City of London “looking for dirt” on Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, with many backbench Conservatives  alarmed at Osborne’s behaviour.

Osborne’s bitterly unpopular policies have forced the UK back into recession. It is important to remember Osborne:

  • Comes from a privileged background
  • Probably cannot relate to ordinary people
  • Does not have a background in Economics, and
  • Never really had a career before politics.

Sadly, Osborne seems to be relying more and more on political skills and it is worrying to what extent the Treasury is prepared to do his dirty work.

Although I am not a Labour supporter, I have enormous respect for Ed Balls views on growing the UK economy rather than a pure austerity policy. Balls is a Harvard educated economist, with an excellent career prior to politics. Balls’ political skills are quite formidable, as well. For me, Balls is eclipsing Osborne.

By the way, until Prime Minister David Cameron‘s Government, I was a lifelong Conservative Party voter but no more. The Conservative Party needs to revert to traditional Tory policies before I will vote for them again.

What do you think?

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  21. None of the” under the bus” candidates mentioned in the Guardian article are Prime Ministerial material.
    Osborne is too patrician and too aloof, William Hague is too lightweight and has been rejected already and by a resounding margin.

    The rest of the Conservative front bench are too old (Kenneth Clarke), too incompetent (Theresa May), too lacklustre(Spelman) or too inexperienced.

    Not one of them, including Cameron stands up for our interests in Europe and the world, not one of them understands the concerns of ordinary Conservative voters or the concerns of any other sort of voter.
    The only person regarded by the public as a normal human being and who is not trying to pretend to be anyone other than the man he is, is Boris Johnson.

    He (Boris Johnson), out of all of them, talks like a Conservative, sounds like a Conservative and has some grasp of business and our need to sell our way out of trouble.

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