UK Public Sector customer service is better than state-owned UK bank and French owned utility

London - UK: Double decker red bus

London – UK: Double decker red bus (Photo credit: wallyg)

Yesterday, I made two international calls to two UK Governments, DWP and DVLA. I received an immediate phone response which was helpful, pleasant and addressed two quite complicated questions to my total satisfaction very quickly – I was seriously impressed. 

Today, I made international calls to Lloyds TSB and EDF. I waited twenty minutes to get a phone response to EDF and fifteen minutes to get a response to LloydsTSB – I was angry. When I asked the Lloyds TSB employee to report the delayed response time, he responded:

We are extremely busy this morning

My conclusion from these four subjective experiences is that the UK Public Sector offers better customer service than one, state-owned bank and one major French owned utility.

Perhaps, it’s time for the operations of banks and utilities to be outsourced?

I agree with Ed Milliband that banks should sell-off their branches.

Why don’t we have outsourced customer service centres dealing with customers’ from all banks?

My sense is that senior management in banks and utilities is out of touch with reality – it’s just management by numbers. 

 Do others have similar (or different) experiences that they want to share?

How the Coalition carved up the NHS – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

This is a first-rate article from the Independent that will be very embarrassing for the UK’s Coalition Government. Check it out!

How the Coalition carved up the NHS – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

Personally, I think that what the UK really needs is for the Coalition Government to have a big bust-up that would trigger an early general election. Do you agree?