Pathos of the Plutocrat – Paul Krugman –


Mitt Romney

This is a very interesting article from Paul Krugman in his NYT blog. Check it out!

Pathos of the Plutocrat –

The article raises some public questions for Mitt Romney.


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  1. Mitt Romney will not win the Presidential election so Obama will probably win by default unless the voting machines are tampered with to produce the results Romney’s backers want.

    • Yes, I too expect Obama to win by default, barring something spectacular. Either way, I hope that the results are decisive, with no accusations of vote rigging.

      What really worries me is Obama re-elected but without the power to lead, with decisive policy and executive decisions. The current extreme positions of right and left in the US provides a dangerous stalemate which is no good for the World, in my view.

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