Lord Lawson’s advice to Osborne: give up the strategy and focus on your job | Politics | The Guardian


Photograph of Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson, take...

Photograph of Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson, taken by Steve Paikin, host of TVO’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a very interesting article in the Guardian newspaper publishing Lord Lawson‘s views. Check it out!

Lord Lawson’s advice to Osborne: give up the strategy and focus on your job | Politics | The Guardian.

Personally, I agree with the back bench Tory MPs who are saying that the UK needs a new Chancellor – Lord Lawson did not go this far, of course.

For me, George Osborne never had the experience nor professional background to be an effective Chancellor (Finance Minister) and the same comment stands true for his number two Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Surely, it is plain to see that that their Plan A has failed?

What do you think?


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  4. Lord Lawson was putting it mildly.

    George Osborne, David Cameron and Danny Alexander should go, Clegg is an irrelevance so it does not matter whether he stays or goes.

    The so called “strategy” is nothing of the kind, because one stupid policy after another is enacted or is reversed whenever there is the slightest resistance.

    We are lumbering ourselves with green taxes which make us even less competitive than we are already, we are involved in wars and inflaming others where we have no business whilst at the same time reducing our armed forces and we are doing nothing to seriously reform Public Services.

    The proposed strike by the so called “Border Guards” is the latest piece of nonsense that has flowed directly from the Government’s supine approach to militant postmen, greedy bus drivers who demanded an Olympic premium of £500 gbp just for doing their jobs, tube drivers, the BMA, NHS Chief Executives, Chief Constables, Local Authority Chief Executives and probably others we have not yet been told about.

    George Osborne was right to initially try to reduce the deficit but unlike the Canadians who are now prospering he has failed to take serious action so this year we will borrow £20 billion gbp more than we did last year and next year it will be worse.

    The Canadians reduced their deficit within two years and then went for growth.

    We should now do the same with a proper plan B.

    Plan B requires export led growth placed on a war footing, plus Pimsleur style language teaching in schools and at nights and weekends for middle class dole recipients and customer facing workers in industries that export now or could do so.

    It should be compulsory just as if it was national service and we were at war, which in reality we are economically.

    It should also apply to CEO’s of global companies and to Government Ministers.

    The present regime of half terms, Bank Holidays and semi permanent lethargy on the part of British workers (our productivity is 15th in the World at just 60% for the private sector and 40% for the public sector), has to end.

    We cannot just cut our way out of trouble or print money.

    The solution has to be to earn money, become more efficient and using the money we earn to pay off our historical debts and rebuild our antedeluvian transport infrastructure and institutions.

    The tax regime has to be rendered competitive and we should emulate the Icelanders who have appointed a super bailiff with powers of arrest to go after crooked bankers and others who have plundered and stolen taxpayers money. So far, he has made some arrests is recovering money at a rate of knots and is terrifying those who have yet to have their collars felt.

    Because we are a much larger country, we need an” Untouchables ” style group of single men and woman as super bailiffs equipped with international arrest warrants, powerful computers, powers to seize assets and the means to transport them from wherever in the World they now reside. They need to be single so that their families cannot be intimidated. Lists of the criminals involved should be drawn up and a bounty put on their capture wherever they are. The difference here would be that we would want them alive so that they could be tried and imprisoned.

    The so called Phoenix 4 including the former CEO of what was British Leyland, John Towers would be a good place to start with Lady Porter, formerly of Westminster City Council who now resides in Israel owing the taxpayer £30 million gbp plus interest, following on closely.

    The Phoenix 4 owe the taxpayer £44 million gbp and live in luxury in France, an EC country where a normal European arrest warrant could be used.

    Major projects and pieces of procurement where the costs have substantially overrun (i.e. more than tripled) need to be independently investigated by forensic accountants and the police with a view to prosecution, asset recovery and the incarceration of the convicted felons.

    The Olympic Games, the finances of the Millennium Dome, the infrastructure contracts relating to the London Underground and MOD and NHS procurement are all areas which need to be closely looked at along with the bank accounts of top civil servants and other decision-makers who may have profited from “overbilling”.

    • John, many thanks for sharing your views here. I can see that this theme touched a nerve of passionate beliefs for you.

      Let’s hope that the Olympic Games goes off smoothly.

      I fear that come the Autumn that the pressures will start mounting on the UK Government. Let’s hope that events will conspire to trigger any early election. At least then, people will have a choice.

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