Conservative leadership race: Who will succeed David Cameron? – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

English: David Cameron is a British politician...

English: David Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good article from the Independent. Check it out!

Conservative leadership race: Who will succeed David Cameron? – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

No doubt Conservative MPs will be a little worried for their futures, when they take time out for reflection on their Summer holidays. It’s not really surprising since under David Cameron‘s leadership they have strayed from traditional Tory values.

What do you think?

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  4. George Osborne can only be an heir in waiting to Cameron if Cameron was safe and the measures they are both pursuing are seen to be working.

    The measures as far as the public are concerned are not working but the objective is to drive work offshore so that certain people can invest in those countries and to pursue a foreign policy, the ultimate objective of which is to seize what they call Eurasia but which is in reality Russia, China and the former Soviet Republics.

    The chess pieces for this are, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Iran at the Western end and North Korea at the other.

    Whilst they carry out the tasks their true masters have set them within the roles they carry out in what people imagine to be their official capacities they are chess pieces to be moved off the board ready for redeployment elsewhere when things get too difficult.

    You can see the tensions between what they should be doing for the economy which is what the entire country wants, what they are doing in Afghanistan which their masters wants and no-one in the country believes is a winnable war and their position on Europe which is a Bilderberg position versus what much of the country wants, which is a return of much of our sovereignty.

    Cameron and Osborne are friends but there is a much bigger agenda being played out here.
    Once Cameron has his Big UN job Osborne, who has wealth of his own can do other things or may have been marked out for something at the World Bank or the City.

    • John, thanks for putting this Bilderberg perspective. As you know, whilst I recognize the risk of a Bilderberg conspiracy, I am still not convinced by this explanation.

  5. After the Olympics people will want to see a Plan B plus more export led growth and jobs.

    The present policies on there own will not deliver that and will cause the Conservatives to lose power at the next General Election.

    The Liberal Democrats are an irrelevance who could potentially be overtaken by a fringe /minority party like UKIP.

    This is less than 3 years away and it takes 18 months to 2 years in normal times to create boomlet conditions to engineer an election victory.

    The UK economy is shrinking, so we have mounting unemployment and the distraction of the Paralympics which will soon follow the Olympics will not be enough to stop David Cameron becoming deeply unpopular as the cuts finally begin to bite in 2013. As this happens, the backbench Conservative MPs,sensing unemployment and political; oblivion, will turn to Boris who already has the full backing of the Murdoch Press because of Boris’s public backing of the man at the Olympics. He already has the backing of Big Business and a number of foreign investors who will create jobs in the UK because they know that Boris’s instincts are Thatcherite and financially beneficial to them.

    Cameron is already earmarked for a big job at the UN so the MPs will want to replace him with Boris who is the only Conservative capable of connecting with C1s, C2s ,Ds and Es, even in parts of Northern England.
    The rest are either too young, too inexperienced and in the case of Michael Gove, too geekish, Duncan-Smith – too old hat, Dr Liam Fox -too Scottish, or the rest of the Cabinet, incompetent and lacklustre and Kenneth Clarke – too old.

    Without these lower socio economic groupings no-one can win a General Election based on the present electoral boundaries.

    Boris is seen as genuine because of his lurid private life, his feigned bumbling and his desire for more growth and airport capacity. He is however cunning and he is banking on Cameron becoming so unpopular that Scotland secedes from the Union which would grant him (Boris) a large overall majority, if the Coalition was to implode in 2013/2014, at the same time as Alex Salmond’s Referendum on Scottish independence.

    Clegg is already earmarked for a big European job and Vince Cable would probably become leader of the Liberal Democrats.

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