Americans can stop worrying about China’s plans to take over their country – Schumpeter: The Economist


The Chinese word for "National language&q...

The Chinese word for “National language” (國語; Guóyǔ) written in Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters, followed by Hanyu Pinyin, Gwoyeu Romatzyh, Tongyong Pinyin and Wade-Giles romanizations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a really interesting article in the Schumpeter column of the Economist. Check it out!

via Schumpeter: Brand new | The Economist.

I wonder if the Chinese multi-nationals will be any different from the US, UK, French, German and Japanese equivalents?

What do you think?


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  3. The phrase “The meek shall inherit the earth” actually means, in old Hebrew, the MANY shall inherit the earth.

    At the moment, the Chinese have very few global brands which translate into Western markets but it will not stay that way as many more Chinese are studying at western universities and are soon to start a programme of living with Western families with the first tranche going to the the Northeast of England, probably Jesmond, a genteel part of Newcastle, courtesey of the local authority.

    This is to be followed by other tranches in other Western countries to enable the students to learn the cultures and eventually thought processes of their Western hosts.

    What the Americans and we need to worry about is the fact that they are “Swarming Out” and creating businesses in the West and that their Sovereign Wealth Funds, either directly or indirectly, are buying up land and strategic businesses such as ports, utilities, mining companies and land which produces food at unprecedented speed.

    Secondly, their productivity is rising and they work much harder than we do rendering us uncompetitive and unable to pay for public services because we have too few exports and too many useless and unproductive people.

    If we continue to outsource, rather than train and develop our own people, we will end up with a huge and feral underclass even bigger than the one we have now, and America will become “hollowed out” economically along with Europe and ourselves.

    As this happens, China will have more money for military spending and if provoked, will be able to retaliate with impunity whereas what the world needs is a balance of power.

    At the moment, they also hold huge amounts of US debt and effectively control much of the Far East beyond their own borders as well as most of the wealth of Africa.

    In every field of endeavour, ranging from athletics to business, to space exploration to winning the outsourcing crown from India, who hold 60% of the global marketplace, the Chinese mean to be first.
    Only Olympic Gold medal winners get a message of congratulation from the Chinese Government and as our population thinks about yet another holiday they work, plan, produce and out-think us.

    The UK Government and the Americans thought it would take China 20 years to catch up technologically, yet they did it in 4 and built the largest airforce in the world.

    What we should be doing is raising our game, improving our education system and sitting down with them to explore where our creativity and their industriousness can be fused for mutual benefit as happens with the i-Pod and other Apple products and the Trevor Baylis wind up radio rather than our present approach of megaphone diplomacy and the racist rantings of an American swimming coach against a 16 year old Chinese swimmer.

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