Some questions about Marilyn and Alf’s slow road to Cyprus…


English: Slow Road.

English: Slow Road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over recent months, we have left a number of questions unanswered.

Now is probably the best time to recap on questions and try to provide some answers.

Let us know your questions, if they are not covered below:

  1. What are our most precious memories?
  2. Which places did we enjoy the most and would perhaps revisit?
  3. What went well?
  4. What went wrong?
  5. What were the low points?
  6. What were the funniest moments?
  7. What did we learn?
  8. Would we do it again?
  9. Where are we planning to go next?
  10. Do we have any tips?

We shall try to answer all the questions in future blogs

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