David Cameron describes ‘ambitious’ Boris Johnson as a Conservative ‘titan’ – Telegraph


MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 04: Prime Minister David Cameron, listens to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson deliver his speech to delegates at the Conservative Party Conference on October 4, 2011 in Manchester, England. Later Theresa May, Secretary of State for the Home Department and Minister for Women and Equalities, will announce plans to clamp down on illegal immigrants and foreign criminals hiding behind the human rights act to avoid be deported. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

This is an interesting article in the Telegraph. Check it out!

David Cameron describes ‘ambitious’ Boris Johnson as a Conservative ‘titan’ – Telegraph.

When will Boris make his move to maximize the “Olympics” effect?

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  3. This is called damning a man with faint praise, whilst your colleagues leak rumours about Boris’s unsoundness and his lurid private life which Boris has never taken the trouble to hide.

    The distraction of the Olympics and the Jubileee is soon going to end and even though the BBC will try to prolong it with highlights and repeats the effect will not last and the “drug” will wear off.

    The day of reckoning will not be postponed by the Parapleglic Games either, no-one is really interested in them other than other Paraplegics and those who campaign for them.

    So apart from the upcoming August Bank holiday, we now have a £5.4 billion gbp trade gap (one of the biggest on record) and the real possibility of £30 billion gbp’s worth of borrowing more this year than last without any meaningful cuts.

    Already, the CBI is bleating about the need for the Government to do more for exporters and this is at a time when we are giving away huge sums of money in overseas aid, wasting money in unwinnable wars in Afghanistan, stirring up trouble in the Middle East and cutting back on our armed forces.

    Benefit cuts proposed by David Cameron will not save enough money because many Housing Benefit recipients cannot move back home because the parents (if there are any have downsized) and others will lose jobs if they cannot stay put.

    For the past two years, I have been advocating selling our way out of trouble with a quadrupling of the export salesforce, placing exporting and Pimsleur style language training on a war footing and coupling this with a drive to bring in more inward investors and create a more user friendly tax system with Singapore style policing.

    Boris is by no means perfect but people like him because they see that he is not trying to pretend he is anything other than a philanderer and he is not trying to pretend that he isn’t a toff either.

    When Boris accompanied the police on a raid into a dangerous drug infested area of South London, the young black drug dealer hauled out of his bed at some ungodly hour of the morning said “What the (blank) are you doing here at this (blank) time of the morning Boris”?, in a tone of voice that suggested that someone posh like Boris ought to be at home with his family rather than with these NATO helmeted policemen.
    People like the fact that he at least tries to address problems such as our outdated transport infrastructure and lack of airport capacity whereas Cameron and Osborne say that there is no money.
    Cameron having insulted the Chinese many times in public and stirred up trouble for them is hardly going to persuade their Sovereign Wealth Fund to pay for Boris Island or the replacement of our useless infrastructure, but Boris backed by Rupert Murdoch and his Chinese wife does not carry such baggage and could probably persuade them.

    Boris is the only Conservative capable of connecting with the old working class,the C1s, C2s,Ds and Es without which the Conservatives or anyone else cannot win an election.

    David Cameron has left it too late to turn things around and through Gauke and Alexander at the Treasury are making new enemies and turning the middle classes that are left into tax evaders.

    All Boris has to do is wait patiently for Big Business and the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Times to turn their fire on David Cameron whilst the real trouble starts when the cuts begin to bite in 2013 and “the proles become really troublesome” with no “whiff of grapeshot” to keep them in check.

    • John, many thanks for an interesting post. I tend to agree with you. The prize is there for Boris Johnson to lose, in my view. At least, he’s not heard saying: “Just call me Boris….”

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