This is not the time to put the brakes on reforming the state – Telegraph


LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 20:  British Prime M...

LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 20: British Prime Minister David Cameron leaves Downing Street for Parliament on October 20, 2010 in London, England. The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is set to announce the coalition government’s spending review in Parliament. The review is designed to tackle the country’s deficit and will outline swinging cuts throughout the whole of the public sector with many public sector jobs set to be axed and budgets significantly reduced. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


This is an interesting article from the Telegraph but personally I see the challenge differently.


This is not the time to put the brakes on reforming the state – Telegraph.


For me, David Cameron‘s Government has not been a reforming Government, it has simply top-sliced Public Sector budgets, resulting in cuts in front-line services. On this blog, I have argued many times that David Cameron’s Government lacks:


  • Over-arching vision
  • Fully joined up strategy, and
  • Effective delivery


In my view, the Telegraph article has the wrong title. Perhaps, the question is:


Should the Government continue its austerity strategy or is it time to divert attention to growth?


What do you think?




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2 responses

  1. I think there is truth in what both you and the Daily Telegraph say.

    Mr Hammond is wrong to draw the conclusions he does from what happened with G4S. This is because he is still failing to tell us that the Government is partially to blame for what happened as is LOCOG. G4S were told of the requirement to double and then triple the number of security guards within one month of the Olympics and then the Home Office failed to speed up the process of getting people through the necessary checks.

    Secondly, there is no doubting that the Public Sector is grossly overmanned and is less productive than its Private Sector counterparts.

    The figures from the Management Consultancy Group PwC show that Private Sector productivity before the Olympics and the Jubilee, which have made it worse, was 60% or 132 working days out of a possible 220. Comparable figures for the Public Sector published by Knox D’Arcy in 2010 show that their productivity is a pitiful 40% or just 88 working days out of 220.

    On top of that, we see that in Scotland it is somehow possible to merge 8 police and fire commands from 8 down to 1 yet in England the figures just remain at 43.

    The same applies to the 43 English County Councils which should be reduced to 12 and the purpose of District and Borough Councils remains a mystery to me. Certainly, they serve no useful purpose,they are not democratically accountable as my own Local Authority is living proof of the existence of a modern day medieval fiefdom where only those “taught to be cautious” and who are related to them by blood or marriage ever get to work there.

    The only thing we lack is a return of the Knights Templars who once were headquartered here after the Pope and the King of France disbanded the order and had Jaques De Molay burnt at the stake for consorting with Baphomet and retaining secrets such as the codebook to the Kabbalah which the French King wanted for himself.

    What happens there does so behind closed doors and in secrecy and from what I know and am told it is not untypical much more widely. These Districts and Boroughs should be abolished and most of their functions subsumed into county unitaries or outsourced to produce flat structures with no more than 5 layers between the CEO and the front line.

    Despite the “hardman” image of Eric Pickles, the Local Government Secretary, there is no reform and the number of local authorities remains identical to what it was when the Coalition was elected.
    The NHS and the Civil Service also remain bloated, unreformed and resistant to change and the worst department is the one Philip Hammond runs,namely the MOD.

    Moving on to growth there needs to be:

    –More exports and in relation to this more sales training,more language teaching using Pimsleur methods

    –More airport capacity in the form of more runways and hub airports of the kind Germany is building

    –More outreach to China,Brazil ,the rest of SE Asia,the growth areas of the Commonweallth and India via the use of employing nationals from those countries to sell the UK as an inward investment location

    –A competitive tax system like Singapore,s and an education system modelled on the best in the world using a mixture of what happens in Finland and in Singapore and South Korea

    –Proper roads including the widening of the A14, paid for by foreign exchange earnt through exports rather than by more borrowing whenever possible

    –Enterprise education for the 50% of school leavers who will never get jobs if the economy continues to fail to grow at at least 3% per year

    –Policies to reduce overall population and dependence on Adult Social Care

    –A replacement Prime Minister and Chancellor with hardworking people who understand that we are in trouble and spend time on the job not going on holiday all the time

    –Measures to promote inward investment/jobs via that investment

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