BBC News – Cancer in over 65s predicted to treble by 2040

This is an important story highlighting the latest research from Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s another must read article, in my view.

BBC News – Cancer in over 65s predicted to treble by 2040.

The article considers the enormous challenges to be faced by the NHS – this is all the more worrying, given the precarious state of affairs of the NHS right now.

What do you think?

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  1. Again this is not really news.

    Insurance statistics show that 95% of us will die of either heart disease or cancer.

    With cancer the odds of getting it have risen from just 1 in 80 in 1934 to one in 2.5 today.

    The UK medical profession has the worst record on cancer treatment outcomes of any Western European country and overall life expectancy in America which only provides private medical insurance to age 74, is worse than in the UK.

    Other insurance statistics show us that morbidity, even in fit people, tends to occur in later life and in woman is further compressed so that the bulk of health care spending in the UK is caused by woman over the age of 65 and that the same is true of Adult Social Care which now consumes 50% of County Council, Unitary authority and Metropolitan Borough Council budgets.

    Cancer treatment outcomes in the UK are as bad as they are because the drug companies and the medical profession have a one club golfing approach to chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs and because they refuse to consider the ill effects of dangerous carcinogens and cancer causing circumstances in the built environment.

    This includes (inter alia):

    –Building houses within a kilometer of an electricity pylon (Banned in Russia for over 50 years but permitted here)

    –Bisphenol A used as a hardening agent for plastics and present in tin cans, till rolls (Causes cancer, diabetes, infertilityin men and causes more gay men to be born – Banned in Canada but not in the UK or the USA)

    –Antimony in aircraft fuel (Also causes dementia)

    –Car fumes within 12 kilometers of houses

    A terminal cancer patient is worth £500,000 gbp to the drug companies and they have a track record of suppressing cures going back 78 years.

    Rife technology which is in use in Germany and was originally developed by Dr Raymond Royal Rife in America has now been dramatically improved by the Germans using state of the art manufacturing facilities in Romania is still not allowed in America and is not used in the UK.

    See: and the 65 pages of downloads on Dr Rife and his battle with the drug companies until his death at the age of 83.

    There are other things which help:


    2)Essiac(Only available from Canada-See Nurse Caisse)

    3)Vitamin B17

    4)Marine D3 (Google Dr Lipzitch MD)

    Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with cancer 19 years before his death and along with numerous wealthy and famous people refused US/UK style chemotherapy and opted for successful anti-cancer treatment in Germany which involved literally cooking the cancer cells to death.

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