Another Tory minister demands u-turn on Heathrow – Telegraph

David Cameron

David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent article from Robert Watts, the Deputy Political Editor at the Telegraph. Check it out!

Another Tory minister demands u-turn on Heathrow – Telegraph.

For me, the article cites further evidence of yet another potential U-turn from the Government, and evidence screaming the case for increasing demand by infrastructure capital spending.

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my gold-standard for Government, namely:

  • Strong leadership
  • Overarching vision
  • Coordinated and carefully analyzed strategy, and
  • Fully risked assessed, properly costed  and effectively managed delivery plans

I am not a historian but I wonder just how badly historians will judge David Cameron’s Government?

Against other post-war UK governments, where will it rank?

Of course, there is one other final thought. If one were to conduct a theory of constraint analysis at Heathrow, the real constraint is not the number of runaways, it’s the speed with passports are viewed by border staff!

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  2. This is happening not because these Ministers believe in infrastructure spending but because the opinion polls show that all of them will be out on their ears unless they get the economy moving again very quickly.
    Normally, it takes 18 months in good times to pump up an economy, so that people will vote for you and these are not good times.

    The brutality in terms of cuts should have been inflicted early on, along with the cessation of the war in Afghanistan, the billions wasted in overseas aid and barmy measures like Gay Marriage which only one person in 90 is affected by.

    Effectively, even if the Coalition lasts, if you strip out Christmas, New Year and holidays, they are left with less than two years to turn matters around and achieve growth.

    With the school leaving age raised to 18, without a lot more growth, we could see millions of youngsters of voting age unleashed onto the labour market, along with the 2.25 million other youngsters who are currently not working, just before David Cameron or his successor goes to the country.

    You do not win elections with rising unemployment, unless people can see that your plans are credible, well thought out and likely to produce success. They also have to believe you are doing your best and putting in enough work.

    When it comes to Cameron and Osborne and their henchmen, Gauke, Alexander, Maude, one cannot honestly say that any of them are up to the mark, or working with sufficient speed and urgency.

    I am reminded of the old Duracell battery advertisement where people with other batteries scale the mountain slowly but the one powered by Duracell races to the summit.

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