| George Osborne is liability to Tories, poll reveals

English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking ...

English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking on the launch of the Conservative Party manifesto for the 2009 European Parliament elections, at Keele University. (805×1207 px, 283,711 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An excellent piece of reporting from the Guardian – check it out! | George Osborne is liability to Tories, poll reveals.

Surely, everybody knows that George Osborne has failed as Chancellor? Can David Cameron really afford to keep his old friend?

What do you think?

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  1. For once I want to take issue with John (with whom I usually agree). The politicians are the front men. The real work is done by the Civil Servants who are supposed to know what they are doing. The Civil Service is now in tatters – mainly through the actions of politicians of all persuasions and the Treasury especially so.

    Many senior Civil Servants quit when GB was at the helm (reportedly because they were unwilling to be treated the way he is reported to have treated them – I wasn’t there so I can say no more than that) and others took the generous redundancy packages offered when it was obvious we had to see some savings in Whitehall.

    The result is that there are few if any remaining in the Treasury with any experience of recession, depression or any other form of economic crisis. Thus the politicians no longer get the solid advice that they need. There is nobody who is ‘qualified’ to be chancellor. If they were they would either be serving as civil servants or cheerfully coining it in a bank or stockbrokers – with good solid career prospects rather than the possible ‘sack’ at intervals of about five years.

    Rodney WIllett (although wearing my Think Local hat) .

    • Rodney, many thanks for a very interesting post.

      Surely, more able Civil Servants have left under two years of Coalition Government than multiple terms of Labour Government?

      Sadly, the vacuum at the centre of Government is being filled by consultants from the big firms who have been lobbying hard and cornering the market. A top strategy consultant from one of the big names would cost the Treasury, the Cabinet Office or No. 10 circa GBP 5,000 a day. Unfortunately under David Cameron’s stewardship, there are less and less opportunities for independents.

      Presumably, as a sponsor of greater localism, you would favor greater deployment of unbranded expert?

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  3. Yes he is a liability to the Tories, as is Mrs May who is incompetent, Kenneth Clarke who is too old, Francis Maude who is complacent, Gauke who is stupid and out of touch, Tony Baldry who needs to keep better company and David Cameron the “Player of Angry Birds and Chief Holidaymaker “, who is lazy and not up to the job.

    Often the men in the shadows and those who seemingly wield no power, who pick these people do so because they want placemen and the odd placewoman to jump to order and not question what they are being instructed to do.

    But this latest crop are of a supremely useless order, who are in danger of permanently damaging the system that delivers their masters supreme power and wealth.

    For example, controlling what is said in the media and on the internet may stifle dissent but it can also damage your ability to sell things to enlarged markets all across the world simultaneously. That in turn reduces how much money you have to ensure national prosperity which causes more dissent and drives people at the margin to crime and the use of proxy servers which makes them infinitely more dangerous because then you have no control whatsoever over their communications.

    Without much brighter people and people who “get it”, the existing order is doomed along with those in charge who imagine that a return to feudalism is possible complete with castles (gated communities), knights (those in charge of private security guards), yeomanry (security guards), serfs (us), barons (local authority Chief Executives), merchants (the CBI), physicians (a privatised NHS).

    A country which is a late adopter of technology, late to understand that many people can see what is going on and which does not have a fully engaged population cannot sell its way out of trouble.

    It is to quote the late guru Wallace D Wattles “Doomed to be smaller than it’s present place” and will as a result “go backwards in everything”.

    In a dangerous world, military power is directly related to economic power and a nation cannot “punch above its weight with a Tri Forces of 100,000 people supplemented by part timers from the TA, no coastal protection vessel, a Navy too small to protect our sea lanes and a lack of preparedness that would have put the appeasing late Neville Chamberlain to shame.

    Such a nation is destined to be the vassal state of others with greater power and we only have to look across the Channel to see which one and to the Middle Kingdom to see which of the “meek” (Many in old Hebrew),will inherit the earth.

    • John, I have read the above posting a couple of times. Whilst I endorse the general direction of the argument, I am not sure about feudalism and the very bleak outlook. With strong political leadership and sound policies, it should be possible to chart a recovery to growth.

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