Dr Alf’s top twelve blogs in Aug. 2012


Alf (Photo credit: momono)

Here’s a list of my most popular blogs in August by number of hits:

  1. Bagehot Generation Xhausted- the Economist
  2. Paul Ryans Plan for America is not Credible -Martin Wolf -ft.com
  3. Planned Austerity or Unplanned Austerity -Rodney Willett- a Response from Dr Alf
  4. Tapas the Essential Guide to Bar Food in Spain – Travel Tips and Articles – Lonely Planet
  5. Germany’s Judgement Day – FT.com
  6. The euro: Tempted, Angela? | The Economist
  7. How the Western economies should effectively respond to the Chinese economic powerhouse – John A Gelmini
  8. Judaism and the Jews – Alive and well | The Economist
  9. Improving public service – John Redwood MP
  10. Conservative leadership race: Who will succeed David Cameron? – UK Politics – UK – The Independent
  11. Planned Austerity and the Erosion of Democracy
  12. World watches as Danes venture below zero – FT.com

Personally, I find it interesting and a bit of a black art as to which blogs attract the most hits.

Any thoughts as to the list?

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