BBC News – Nurses ‘having to clean toilets and mop floors’


Speaking at the NHS Confederation Annual confe...

Speaking at the NHS Confederation Annual conference and exhibition in Manchester on 8 July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a powerful headline from the BBC Health blog. Check it out!


BBC News – Nurses ‘having to clean toilets and mop floors’.


Health Minister, Andrew Lansley,  is widely expected to be held accountable for failure to deliver effective reform in David Cameron‘s reshuffle to be announced today.


Any views on how the NHS should be effectively reformed?





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  2. The problems with the NHS are well known and David Cameron as well as Andrew Lansley are to blame for failing to implement necessary and overdue reform through their failure to take on the NHS unions and the BMA.

    As a first step, the pair of them should go and be replaced with people up to the job.

    Reform is not rocket science:

    1) Merge the Adult Social Care and NHS budgets, get rid of all Directors of Adult Social Care and place all social workers within the NHS.

    2) Use an aggressive programme of re-enablement to eliminate 30% of Adult Social Care recipients who are malingerers and benefit fraudsters.

    3) Reduce layers of management in the NHS to a maximum of 5 and do the same with the subsumed Adult Social Care structure.

    4) Bring in Annualisation and flexible rostering plus time and attendance software, smooth peaks and troughs in workload and bring doctor and nurse contracts into line to prevent overmanning at periods of low demand and understaffing at peak times of demand.

    5) Establish maximum staffing levels for each function and police vigorously to prevent empire building and staff creep through the creation of bogus grades as happens now.

    6) Centralize the purchasing of all drugs and equipment, rationalize the supplier base and split between a rotating consortium of providers.

    This as per Sir Philip Green’s report to David Cameron which identified 8 fold savings across all Government Departments.

    Apply rotating audit to prevent fraud.

    7) Put non-essential services like cleaning, security, garden maintenance and parking out to tender using an outsourcing panel with strict controls.

    8) Follow the German example and bring in Rife technology to all cancer wards.

    This and other treatments, including some not used in Germany, could reduce the bill for terminal cancer patients (currently £1/2 million gbp per patient, just on drugs, to a 1/4 of that figure), NB 95% of us will die of either cancer or heart disease.

    9) Re-introduce Vitamin B17 into our diet–Counter to Alimentarius Commission policy.

    10) Bring in a top celebrity chef and nutritionists to improve hospital food and retrain people within the NHS to understand that food is part of patient treatment.

    Sack those who fail to get this concept or who resist it.

    11) Rationalize the NHS regions down to say 25 for the entire country, dismiss all surplus Chief Executives.

    12) Use CRM and early intervention to tackle obesity and regression into a need for Adult Social Care, diabetes and other health problems in later life.

    13) Teach nutrition, proper cooking and health in schools and colleges, if necessary by extending the school-day and making it part of the curriculum.

    Ban the use of Ritalin, Prozac and other Serontonin uptake drugs, discourage drinking on an empty stomach.

    14) Refuse to offer surgery to grossly overweight patients and smokers as already happens in my local NHS trust where nurses do not clean toilets as this is left to G4S along with guarding drugs from theft by growing numbers of heroin addicts who live in Stevenage.

    15) Introduce variable tax on foods to encourage healthy eating.

    16 ) Pedestrianise town and City centre areas in the same way as Salzburg in Austria has done, increase policing levels using street wardens as backup to encourage walking.

    17) De recognise the NHS Unions and replace all malcontents

    18) Make the BBC run programmes on nutrition, morbidity and risk and reduce the licence fee if it refuses to do so.

    19) Put money into preventative health and aggressively weed out malingerers (about 50% of all patients) in GPs’ surgeries.

    20) Compel the food industry to remove sugar, salt and dangerous chemicals from our food, ban Bisphenol A from being used at all.

    21) Introduce the death penalty or as a minimum, life imprisonment without parole to major drug dealers and start taking the problem seriously.

    22) Pay doctors for keeping people well as already happens in China,not for the size of their patient list as happens here.

    23) Insist that people who use motorised mobility vehicles take a test applied by two different doctors, before being issued with one or allowed to buy one.

    24) Introduce tax breaks that promote marriage as married people tend to be healthier than single people based on morbidity statistics.

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