Is there a case for Humphrey the cat or his family to return to 10 Downing Street?

With all the talk of mice and reshuffles, perhaps there is case for return of Humphrey, the cat, or his family?

Humphrey had a strong backbone and knew how to deal with mice.


Humphrey (cat)

Humphrey (cat) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  2. Oh dear, when I sent you a Tweet I too was thinking of Sir Humpy and I am delighted to see that his reputation spreads to Texas.

    John uses rather more explosive language than I do (usually) but I am totally with him on all of what he says. Things do need to be done now. The problem is that we have made the problems so large that we have become frightened of them.

    Rodney WIllett

    • Hi Rodney,

      Let me introduce you mu Cyber-friend, Pitt, a retired German school-teacher of English, who now lives in Texas. Pitt keeps my blogs on Germany and the US in check 🙂

      Returning to John’s posting, I agree with you completely – action is required now.

  3. I think there is a better case for a Starship, equipped with a transporter room to beam up the real roadblocks to reform in the shape of Messrs Cameron, Osborne, Gauke, Alexander and Andrew Mitchell, the lover of overseas aid and send them plus the vacuous Clegg and Mr Cable to a cool dark place.

    The reshuffle is a case of rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic because “delivery” is too little, too late given the economic state of the country and the lateness in the election cycle.

    We need more airport capacity now, not in the next Parliament, we need exports and a low tax economy now not at some point in the future and we need a sense of urgency now not at some point in the future.

    Humphrey the cat has had his day but possibly something like the “Essex Lion” or the lovelorn Californian timberwolf and his new wolfpack might be able to reduce the number of civil servants and local government apparachiks who perform no useful function and cost the taxpayer dearly.

    Short of this, I see the numbers remaining stubbornly high as these people cling like limpets to their positions.

    • John, many thanks for your latest posting. I use Humphrey the cat figuratively, of course.

      Like Rodney, I too fully agree with your posting about the urgency of the challenge requiring action NOW. I too might argue the case fifferently but it is significant that we all agree.

  4. Hi Alf,
    And what about Sir Humphrey himself returning to #10? 😉 “Yes, (Prime) Minister” and the radio plays “The Men from the Ministry” are my favourite comedies about British politics.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

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