The Independent | Sacked – and angry. New awkward squad is out to get the PM

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The is an excellent article from the Independent. Check it out!

The Independent | Sacked – and angry. New awkward squad is out to get the PM.

I fear that this is will be the phoney war and we shall have to wait for the heavy-hitters to attack before David Cameron will be seriously vulnerable. Perhaps the Conservative Party Conference will give us some clues?

Any views?

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  2. None of the people sacked or demoted in the reshuffle are material to David Cameron’s future.
    His future, before taking his new UN job, is going to be determined by the economy and by the views of Big Business.

    The measures he has taken, vis a vis the housing market and planning will not work because the issue is availability of mortgage finance which the Coalition have done nothing about.

    Secondly, there are not enough construction workers to build these houses even if they could be financed and developers are likely to use Poles and other Eastern Europeans, rather than British builders.

    Thirdly, he has upset the Chinese and others who with better and more emollient handling might have used some of their Sovereign Wealth to help us rebuild our infrastructure.

    Big Business, both here and abroad, is not happy with the lack of airport capacity or the rigidities and uncompetitiveness of the corporation tax regime and the labour markets. They are not impressed with Commissions of Enquiry, or attempts to mollify MPs in constituencies close to airport expansion corridors who are unnecessary anyway. They are also not happy with our antiquated infrastructure and the standards of state education.

    Boris Johnson is the closest to wanting to give them what they want and he is possibly the only Conservative, along with David Davis, who can connect with the C1s’, C2s’, Ds’ and Es’ who are critical to the Conservatives winning a General Election outright.

    David Cameron always appears to be talking at people, never to them and he spends too much time holidaying, playing Angry Birds and “chillaxing”. This innate laziness is not appealing to businesses and people under pressure and by making an enemy of Rupert Murdoch with his Leveson Enquiry he has sealed his fate.

    It is now just a matter of time before the men in grey suits from the 1922 Committee urged on by the Daily Telegraph whose commentators are openly fed up with him take him to one side and whisper the words “your fired” as a precursor to sending him packing.

    • John, many thanks for your detailed response which I broadly endorse.

      I often wonder what might have happened if a real Tory, like David Davis, was elected to the leadership of the Conservative Party, instead of David Cameron?

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