George Osborne’s strategic mind? Long may it continue to whirr | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian

English: Logo of Conservative Party UK Česky: ...

English: Logo of Conservative Party UK Česky: Logo Konzervativní strany Velké Británie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polly Toynbee speaks at the October 2005 Labou...

Polly Toynbee speaks at the October 2005 Labour Party conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent article from Polly Toynebee, in the Guardian. Check it out!

George Osborne’s strategic mind? Long may it continue to whirr | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Yesterday, I commented that despite Ed Millibands excellent performance, I find it hard to believe that voters will elect him the next Prime Minister.

On the other hand, as highlighted in PollyToynebee’s Guardian article above, it seems almost a certainty that the Conservatives will be out of power after the next election.

So it’s intriguing to speculate on the likely outcome after the next UK general election.

Perhaps, the Labour Party will lead a coalition with the Liberal Party?

Any thoughts?

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  4. Since the formation of the Coalition Government, Boris Johnson has been an outspoken supporter of gay marriage. Replacing Cameron with BoJo would have done nothing to prevent this legislation being implemented. Gay marriage is in no way ‘deeply damaging’ to ‘traditional marriage’ – it is exactly the same and represents precisely the same values, which one might argue are sorely lacking in today’s society.

    The fact that you think that the Tories have done ‘nothing’ about the NHS suggests that you’re unaware of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. With it comes the largest programme of reform ever attempted in the sector since its inception in the late forties, which incidentally is when your views on gay marriage were last considered in vogue.

    I think you need to distinguish between policy promises which have not been implemented effectively (reform the tax system) and policies which have been codified in your own mind (50% too many civil servants – where did you get that arbitrary figure?) or your argument appears confused.

    Also, it’s ‘apparatchiks’ and I agree that Local Government reform is sorely and desperately needed. The wastage, inefficiency and general sloth-like behaviour which is endemic in that sector never fails to amaze and depress me in equal measures.

  5. Cameron and Osborne are both losers who have dithered for too long and failed to cut deep enough and fast enough in the early days of the Parliament.
    They have done nothing to deal with fat cat local authority apparachiks,nothing to deal with 50% too many Civil Servants,nothing to deal with the police,tube workers,militant postal workers,the NHS,the Fire Commands ,the MOD and the Home Office.
    They have done nothing to reduce school leaver unemployment,the issue of NEETS,illegal immigration or the £12 billion gbp drain caused by overseas aid.
    Worse than that they have done nothing to create jobs,growth,new business startups,trigger bank lending,create inward investment,call Alex Salmonds bluff,eliminate the Barnett Formula ,reform the tax system,make the country competitive ,build airport capacity or make the Monarchy pay.
    The Conservatives will lose with Cameron and Osborne as surely as night follows day but with Boris they would win because he has the common touch and can get Sovereign Wealth Funds to build Boris Island,rebuild our infrastructure and create inward investment.
    Ed Milliband may make excellent conference speeches but lacks the charisma to motivate people outside his supporter base who would probably vote for a plastic blow up doll if it bore a red rosette on a Pavlovian basis.
    Alex Salmond and his referendum is a wild card but the Scots are too keen on the extra £3,500 gbp a head that the Barnett Formula gives them at our expense to vote for Scottish independence.
    Provided all Scottish MP,s are sent packing stripped of their right to vote on English matters we might get somewhere but as usual David Cameron is indecisive and fails to deal with them.
    The solution is to remove Cameron,replace him with Boris and a new Chancellor and start implementing true Conservative policies rather than irrelevant legislation on gay marriage which only applies to one person in 90 and is deeply damaging to traditional marriage and the Judeo Christian values that form the basis of English Common Law and which we abandon at our cost.

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