BBC News – Boris Johnson calls for ‘pared down’ EU relationship

United Kingdom

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This is an interesting article, reported by the BBC. Check it out!

via BBC News – Boris Johnson calls for ‘pared down’ EU relationship.

I broadly agree with Boris Johnson. I am pro-EU, but a slimmed down, trade-based model, without the bureaucracy. If the EU is forced to follow greater centralization because of the Euro, the UK should follow a different agenda.

It worries me that Boris Johnson is more credible than the Prime Minister.

Any thoughts?


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  1. The voters do not want to be in the EU by a margin of 3 to 1 but you are right to say they are change resistant.

    However, when they are subjected to the real pain that has yet to descend on them because the cuts have not yet started to bite they will become more receptive.

    We are a democracy in that we have a Parliament but the reality is that 80% of our laws are made in Brussels and England is subsidizing Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all of which have separate Assemblies and Parliaments and Scottish MPs, all 77 of them can vote on matters south of the Tweed but we have no corresponding rights the other way.

    The name for this, coined by the American revolutionaries in the War of Independence was “taxation without representation” which is decidedly non democratic.

    In a democracy, we are supposed to have freedom of speech, thought and assembly but with the fostering couple who were UKIP members a left wing council removed the foster children based on the purported views of the parents, a move one might have expected in a dictatorship like North Korea or China under Mao Tse Tung.

    Many parts of our cities are not safe to walk about in at night, particularly for single woman so the money we spend on policing does not afford us unfettered freedom of movement that one would expect in a democracy.

    We have more surveillance cameras per head of population than does the Peoples’ Republic of China and HMRC and the DWP have Stasi like powers to investigate, snoop, harrass and spy on people whilst the pezzonovante in the shape of Apple, Vodaphone, Starbucks, Amazon, Lord Vestey, Sir Philip Green, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar and others, pay next to nothing and are relatively free from this sort of intrusive surveillance.

    So in a number of important respects our democratic rights, legal rights to jury trials, rights of free speech and the corresponding right to a greater measure of equity and fairness are being traduced on a daily basis.

    • John,

      You present a powerful argument but the results of an opinion poll are not the same as a referendum. In the case of a referendum, the precise wording of the questions is critical, in my view.

      I agree that the EU is too powerful and centralized and believe the UK should opt for a light, trade-based relationship, rather than risk a Greek style melt-down from a full exit. Proper and fully costed risk analysis is required of the various scenarios before a referwndum in my view

  2. This is code for leave the EC and rejoin EFTA which is where we started out up to the date of Ted Heath selling the British people a pack of lies.

    As members of the EC, we will have to go on taking in more people and we currently stand at an official figure of 63 million people plus a further 4.5 million illegal immigrants plus legal immigration of 250,000 a year.

    That means a population of 70 million people and because of the low replacement rate of 1.9 people per married or cohabiting couple the indigenous population of this country will be in the minority within 20 years.

    Birmingham,Leicester, Bradford and parts of London are representative of the future and the “Ghost of Christmas Future” if nothing is done will be Bosnian style ethnic cleansing.

    In the interim, what money this country possesses is being wasted on the EC, which is riddled with fraud and criminality and creates no nett new jobs, contrary to what we were promised.

    Under this weight of people, the locally delivered services which Rodney Willett wants to see will implode for lack of money because most of them are badly run, bloated with too many staff doing non-jobs and riddled with cronyism, nepotism and recruitment in secret on golf courses, dark, smoke filled rooms and in my own area, the surroundings of the local Masonic Lodge.

    We need to reduce the population down t o 35 million people and concentrate on exports, inward investment, enterprise and rebuilding our infrastructure and high tech infrastructure.

    The assorted collection of Druids, gnostics, atheists, agnostics, tree huggers, Guardian readers, leaf gazers, aristocrats stuck in a time warp like Prince Charles, Malthusians, Green Party Members, the wooley minded, environmentalists fixated on “saving the planet”, well-off pensioners with nothing to do need to be taken on for the impediments to progress which they are.

    Then policies which address this country’s real problems can be formulated and executed whilst policies which serve no useful purpose such as Gay marriage, membership of the EC, foreign aid, overseas military adventures where we lack the men and equipment or any reason to be there,can be stopped.

    • John,

      Many thanks for sharing your views. It is clear you feel very passionately about some of these issues.

      I agree that radical reform is required but I am not sure that I necessarily agree with all your analysis and conclusions. The UK is a democracy, albeit with watered-down power because of the EU, and it will be difficult to get the UK voters to agree to fundamental, radical change.

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