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Català: Michael Porter. Česky: Michael Porter. Dansk: Michael Porter. Deutsch: Michael Porter. Español: Michael Porter. Suomi: Michael Porter. Bahasa Indonesia: Michael Porter. Nederlands: Michael Porter. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Michael Porter. Polski: Michael E. Porter. Português: Michael Porter. Српски / Srpski: Majkl Porter. Svenska: Michael Porter. Українська: Майкл Портер. 16 лютого 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is further information on the “Social Progress Imperative” which ranks the UK behind Sweden in terms of overall quality of life. The research comes from Prof. Michael Porter at Harvard and a team at MIT. Check it out!

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Personally, I think that there is bias from the weightings.

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Measuring ‘Sustainability’

This is an interesting blog with more information on Michael Porter‘s Social Progress Index, which seems to rank the UK as the most desirable after Sweden.

Perhaps, this will be a topic of conversation this weekend between David Cameron and Angela Merkel?

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Climate, People & Organizations

‘Sustainability’ has become a pervasive part of social and business discourse. However getting down to specifics on sustainability is a much debated issue.

This is of particular relevance for climate change. In particular, how can we speak of, or imagine ‘sustainability’, given the underlying conflict that emerges between the pursuit of ‘economic progress’ defined in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services, and the ever escalating production of greenhouse gas emissions.

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