Britain ranked second only to Sweden in table of most advanced countries – Telegraph

5 Forces Model of Michael Porter

5 Forces Model of Michael Porter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting new economic measure by Michael Porter at Harvard et al, reported in the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Britain ranked second only to Sweden in table of most advanced countries – Telegraph.

Personally, I recently visited the UK and was amazed at how bad the airports were, compared to South East Asia and China.

The trouble with this sort of measure is the weightings given by the economists.

What do you think?

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  2. The UK is not an advanced country.

    Technologically we rank behind Finland, Japan, the USA, South Korea and several other countries in terms of broadband provision and in terms of how advanced our mobile networks are.

    Japan and South Korea are on G8 whereas we are just about on G4.

    Our state education system which represents our future is 44th in the world, turning out 1 youngster in 7 who cannot read, cannot write and cannot communicate, rising to 1 in 4 in the Fens and deprived inner city areas.

    Finland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany , France, Norway are all light years ahead of us and their children have language skills including English which means that they can work overseas and compete.

    Our life expectancy and the NHS produces “markedly worse outcomes” than comparable systems in Europe and in Japan, something that was reported in the Daily Telegraph.

    We have the fattest woman and the 4th fattest men in Western Europe and an explosion of diabetes and Alzheimers under which another 1.25 million woman over the age of 65″(many ex “flower children and former debauched lifestylers) are at the early stages of the disease and in or about to enter Adult Social Care.

    40% of the population are depressed due to vitamin D deficiency caused by poor diet and drinking on an empty stomach as evidenced by the excessive prescription of serontonin uptake drugs such as Prozac and Seroxat. This already consumes 50% of county council budgets which are stretched already and there is no insurance provision or alternative source of funding in place whilst we face 10 years of no growth as opposed to America which has fracking and mineral resources to fall back on.

    We have a housing shortage of 10 million houses and a population of 70 million if legal and illegal immigrants (the illegals total 4.5 million) are factored in.

    We have 16.5 million people, representing half the potential workforce either unemployed, incapacitated, not counted, manipulated off the unemployment register or “economically inactive”.

    Thanks to Druids, leafgazers, treehuggers, GAIIA mother earth goddess-worshippers, Satanists, gnostics, Guardian readers, global warmists, climate change proponents, pagans and closet Malthusians, Benthamites and NIMBIES our road, rail and airport infrastructure is antedeluvian and progress towards fixing these things and developing new applied technologies is constantly impeded.

    They do not care whether this country can compete in the world, whether our young people languish on the dole and every one of them is afraid of honest debate on the question of how we pay our way or how our young people will be able to read learned papers from people like Professor Michael Porter if they are functionally illiterate.

    We are as a nation, unequal in the extreme with a 450 to 1 gap between Times 1000 Chief Executives who awarded themselves a 15.8% pay rise last year and 45% in 2011 and those on average earnings of £27,000 gbp.

    Life expectancy of the poor and stupid is therefore worsening and improving for those with money, access to private medical treatment it is dramatically improving.

    Comparison with Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore and Australia does not show anything like this yawning gap and our gap is getting wider almost to the point where the Bertrand Russell dream of two separate species (serfs and an elite)will come true.

    Professor Michael Porter is a fine academic and someone who believes passionately in progress and helping people achieve it, but this study whilst valuable in terms of what it is trying to do, is not right.

    • John,

      Many thanks for your detailed response.

      I tend to agree with you that Professor Porter’s data on the UK is wrong. The measures deployed and the bias fail to reflect huge variation in the quality of life.

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