Thatcherism is no museum piece – it’s alive and kicking – Telegraph

The Future of Thatcherism

The Future of Thatcherism (Photo credit: Byzantine_K)

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses ...

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses for a photo prior to ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ on September 14, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article by London Mayor, Boris Johnson, in the Telegraph, is highly recommended. Check it out!

Thatcherism is no museum piece – it’s alive and kicking – Telegraph.

Personally, I agree with Boris Johnson that more Thatcherism is an attractive policy option.

Unfortunately, I struggle to see David Cameron’s Government having the leadership and stamina to take up the mantle. Cameron’s record on helping small businesses has been very weak; especially on sorting out bank finance for small businesses. By and large, the current Government have turned to cronies once again – to the big consultancies and outsource providers. Surely, there’s a case for the “Return of Sid”? (Sid was an imaginary investor in Margaret Thatcher’s privatisations). Sid would surely tell “our Dave” that it’s investment stupid!

What do you think?


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  3. Great read, I think Thatcher has undoubtedly left an everlasting political and social legacy. I don’t think her policies were implemented as she presented them or at least, they did not have their desired effect. Privatisation for example.

    Much of the argemeument stemmed from the notion that prices would be significantly lower, due to the state monopoly being broken. But it does appear that the state monopolies have been replaced by private oligopolies. Neither market structure provides competition and therefore low prices.

    • Thanks for your response.

      I think that much of the current difficulty with the likes of BT, the airports, the traincos, and the watercos results from weak and ineffective regulation.

      For me, this is more about squandering the Margaret Thatcher legacy.

  4. Thatcherism is still there in the minds of true Conservatives and those who were freed from the dead hand of mortgage queues, Little Hitler like building society managers and who for the first time in their lives managed to buy and own shares.

    The years that passed when every winter the lights went out because of militant coalminers have gone and in the minds of some of us is the idea that the world does not owe us a living.

    The trouble is very few of us are left.

    We have been replaced and outnumbered by the serried ranks of Druids, Malthusians, Pagans, Global Warmists, Atheists, the lazy, ambulance chasing lawyers, children suing schools for playground slips and falls, militant Trades Unionists once tamed but now practically free of their chains as if they were an escaped set of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, Drabbies fresh from reading their Guardian newspapers, agnostics and other cultists plus Muslims who need to be reminded forcefully that the basis of English Common Law is Judeo Christian ethics.

    Weak Chief Constables and the former Archbishop of Canterbury, a secret Druid and the out of touch metropolitan elite who promoted gay marriage which was not in the Coalition Agreement or the Conservative Party manifesto are all part of this conspiracy to pretend to wrap people in cotton wool, steal their money, turn their brains to mush with “dumbed-down” television and then kill them off through health care rationing, high fuel bills on the elderly and allowing them to eat rubbish laced with poisons and carcinogenic substances whilst languishing at home waiting for the next dole or claim check to arrive.
    British woman, now the fattest and least desirable in Western Europe can be seen waddling about in tight fitting clothes looking for all the world like the Hindenberg on legs, our borders are porous and out of control with cities like Peterborough now 35% Polish and London a veritable United Nations.

    Schools which in Mrs Thatcher’s day were filled with excellent teachers who knew the difference between right and wrong and wore gowns and mortarboards used to deliver the best education on the planet.
    Now we have state education which is 44th in the world, export next to nothing and are 20th in the world for productivity.

    A lumpen underclass bloated on fish and chips,soft drinks and cheap supermarket beer consumes drugs like skunk and pot interspersed with prolific attempts at breeding whilst a tiny group of non tax paying plutocrats earning £250k gbp a year lives in gated communities to the point where the difference between the earnings of those at the top of corporate Britain earn between 1000 and 450 times as much as those who are working.

    Mrs Thatcher was brought up as a hard working Methodist and believed in personal discipline, achievement, strong law and order, low taxation and strong defence. She believed in a middle class, high productivity, a competitive economy free of “But-skillism”, marriage, family and small business.

    What we have now is nothing like the legacy she left behind, most of which has been squandered by a bunch of intellectual lightweights who are not Conservatives at all plus others who remain in the shadows refusing to debate or show their true colours working to return us to Feudal times

    • John,

      Many thanks for your detailed response.

      Whilst I do not necessarily endorse all of your argument, I very much share your conclusions.

      You have tempted me to write a short blog about the day I met Margaret Thatcher!

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