Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low | World news | The Guardian

English: A map showing European membership of ...

English: A map showing European membership of the EU and NATO. EU member only NATO member only Member of both Česky: Mapa zobrazující členství evropských států v EU a NATO. státy pouze v EU státy pouze v NATO státy v NATO a EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is some excellent research published in the Guardian and well worth a read. Check it out!


Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low | World news | The Guardian.


Traditionally, ordinary peoples’ views have not mattered much to the political classes that have formulated EU policy. Now there is such a backlash that perhaps the political classes themselves feel threatened? Perhaps, there will still be a place for democracy in formulating EU policy?


via Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low | World news | The Guardian.





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  2. The views of ordinary people will only count when the economic situation and lack of jobs for young people hits crisis point and people take to the streets.

    The UK is building towards a damaging general strike probably for the summer and Southern Europe could go in the same direction.

    As it is, a German view of Europe is prevailing because they are exporting sufficiently to be able to apply austerity elsewhere and be gentle to themselves.

    The UK with its flat-lining economy, zero exports, moribund banking sector and constant austerity is a pressure cooker ready to explode, particularly when the estimated 350,000 Bulgarians and Romanians come looking for work.

    David Cameron may not think so, and our tearful Chancellor may imagine that people have infinite patience but when the City of London slips to 3rd place behind Singapore in 2015 and to 4th place behind Hong Kong which will eclipse them all in 2016, their successors will be looking at a new Black Hole in the UK’s finances.

    Personally, I see Europe’s leaders failing to tackle the continent’s growing economic problems and sclerosis. What they are clearly looking for is a Vietnam style war to get their economies moving and to enable them to seize the mineral wealth of Africa. This they plan to do in conjunction with the Pentagon’s Africa Command (AFRICOM), under General Carter Ham in order to slow down the pace of growth in China and its domination of Africa.

    This process started with Libya and the so called Arab Spring and has now moved into Mali and Somalia where we, the French and Africom are already positioned ready to seize uranium and other mineral resources.

    The plan will be to first secure Afghanistan with 15 heavily fortified bases and leave behind the outsourced US and British Armies in the form of XE (Formerly Blackwater) and some of our own mercenary private armies. This will be backed by drone strikes from Nevada and a gradual buildup of Boston Dynamics fighting robots.Troops withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq can then be sent to Africa whilst Turkey will act as the front for aiding the Syrian rebels as a precursor to destabilizing Iran. Into the crucible of this undeclared war will be the conscripts from the unemployment register who will serve as the cannon fodder as the war escalates whilst in Europe factories making armaments and uniforms will be kept busy.

    The plans for all this are well advanced as is the regime change of the Lebanon and the further expansion of Israel which America is powerless to stop because its foreign policy is made in Jerusalem.
    Much could go wrong, of course, because China and Russia will not stand idly by as the EU and NAFTA merge and as these undeclared wars intensify.

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