French socialists attack ‘selfish’ Merkel –

Southern europe

Southern europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent article in the FT and strongly recommended for a read. Check it!

French socialists attack ‘selfish’ Merkel –

Personally, I have long been concerned by France’s economic weakness and love of bureaucracy with a bloated Public Sector, expecting a crisis to hit many times. So far, France had avoided the economic crises of Southern Europe.

Now I wonder if France will try to lead Southern Europe, pressing for greater Keynesian intervention, leaving Germany as an increasingly isolated champion of austerity?

The German Chancellor must face the German austerian voters in September but the Summer promises to be very bumpy indeed, with fractious exchanges by politicians and financial markets jittery at the uncertainty.

Any thoughts?

via French socialists attack ‘selfish’ Merkel –

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