Frühstück: Bacon & Bean Tacos

Hi Pit, I’d love a to be invited 🙂

Pit's Musings and Ramblings from a Big Country

Heute Morgen hatte ich Lust auf Bacon & Bean Tacos, und so habe ich sie mir schnell selber gemacht. Bohnen hatte ich fertige hier: gestern Abend bei Polak’s, einem hiesigen Restaurant gekauft, und Tortillas haben wir (fast) immer im Kühlschrank. Also brauchte ich nur noch Schinken in der Pfanne zu brutzeln und die Bohnen in der Mikrowelle aufzuwärmen. Und so sah das Ergebnis aus.

Hier ist Nummer 1 “in der Mache” – noch nicht zusammengerollt, damit auch der Inhalt gut zu sehen ist:

Beide Tacos sind fertig, aber mit dem Zusammenrollen hat es manchmal so seine Probleme:

Aber, wie man hier sieht, klappt es letztendlich dann doch:

Und geschmeckt haben sie auch ganz prima!

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  1. Hi Alf,
    Thank you ever so much for reblogging this posting of mine. Btw, it’s also avalilable in English [].
    And I’d be happy to do breakfast tacos for you any time! Sometimes I do bacon and (scrambled) eggs, too.
    Talking of breakfast: I’m looking forward to full English [and Scottish] breakfasts as our trip to England a Scotland is drawing close.
    Best regards, and have a good Sunday,

    • Hi Pit,

      Many thanks. I have re-isssued the blog with your English link.

      Thanks for the invite; if I’m ever in Texas, I’d love to sample your breakfast!

      Hope you enjoy your trip to the UK, especially the breakfasts 🙂

      Best regards, enjoy your weekk,


      • Hi Alf,
        Thank you so much for changing the link: I really appreciate your efforts. As to our upcoming trip: I’m sure I’ll enjoy the breakfasts. Ever since I first had those scrumptious plates in the early 1980s, I’ve always wanted to have them again and again. Maybe I should post pictures of those plates, too. 😉 I’ll certainly post pictures of the trip in my “Bilderbuch”-Blog []. And I hope it won’t take as long as it did to publish those of my 2011 narrowboat tour [which I only managed to finhish a few days ago].
        Bestg regards, and have a great week,

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