Austerity kills, economists warn | Business |

Age of the bedrock underlying North America, f...

Age of the bedrock underlying North America, from red (oldest) to blue, green, yellow (newest). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Council of Europe's definition of Europe

Council of Europe’s definition of Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Austerity Must Start At The Top: Anti-Austerit...

Austerity Must Start At The Top: Anti-Austerity Protest In Dublin (Ireland) – 24 November 2012 (Photo credit: infomatique)

This is an interesting article and worth a read. It looks at some powerful research from political economist David Stuckler. Check it out!

via Austerity kills, economists warn | Business |

Publicising the book, David Stuckler says:

“Austerity is having a devastating effect on health in Europe and North America. The harms we have found include HIV and malaria outbreaks, shortages of essential medicines, lost healthcare access, and an avoidable epidemic of alcohol abuse, depression and suicide, among others.

“Our politicians need to take into account the serious, and in some cases profound, health consequences of economic choices. But so far, Europe’s leaders have been in denial of the evidence that austerity is costing lives.”

Surely, politicians will soon see austerity as a poison chalice?

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  4. this is the idea, the wealthy elites and rulers know this. they want more people to die quicker they say people are living to long (hence collecting their rightful earned social security and pensions and the like) and the wealthy elites don’t like that, heck they feel the earth is overpopulated and they are trying to figure out how to kill the maximum number of people in the shortest cheapest and least enviromental damaging way. this is how I understand the whole thing. this thing to try to pay fraudlent debt is not about debt, debt is a weapon for power, not about profit for those who have more wealth then could ever spend or use.

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