Charlemagne: After austerity, what? | The Economist

Europe - Satellite image - PlanetObserver

Europe – Satellite image – PlanetObserver (Photo credit: PlanetObserver)


Austerity (Photo credit: GoatChild)

Austerity Must Start At The Top: Anti-Austerit...

Austerity Must Start At The Top: Anti-Austerity Protest In Dublin (Ireland) – 24 November 2012 (Photo credit: infomatique)

Europe Simulator

Europe Simulator (Photo credit: wigu)

This is a must read article in the Charlemagne column in the Economist. Check it out!

Charlemagne: After austerity, what? | The Economist.

Surely, it’s time for bold imaginative policies in Europe?

What will it take to get Europe growing again and give the millions of unemployed a chance for an ordinary life?

All views welcome!


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