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Argentina glacier

Argentina glacier (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


..patagonia (Photo credit: Perfídia)

This article by Andrew Benson provides an excellent introduction to Patagonia. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

Patagonia trips | South America travel | Tours to Argentina | Rough Guides.

I have long been fascinated by the wonders of the southern tip of South America, in both Argentina and Chile, as well as the jumping off point for exploring the fantastic scenery and wildlife of the Antarctic.

Much as I would love to visit South America; apart from the two poles this is my last continent, I still find South America expensive compared to say Southeast Asia.

My wife and I are passionate independent travelers. We are definitely not back-packers, are of an age where we appreciate comforts but want excellent value for money. Do you have any suggestions for Patagonia or indeed South America?

South America: 100 km and 200 km Coastal Zones

South America: 100 km and 200 km Coastal Zones (Photo credit: SEDACMaps)

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  4. Hi Alf,
    Thanks for stopping by our blog and linking to our nine months, nine countries summary… Argentina and Chile are certainly more pricy to visit than the northern countries of South America but still possible to travel in relative comfort and get value for money travelling independently. I hope you find our upcoming blogs around the southern part of the continent from Santiago to Santiago helpful and give you plenty of ideas – coming soon! Speaking of value for money, keep an eye on the Argentine ‘dollar blue’ rate which I see hit record highs last week at double the official exchange rate. We found it easy to change US dollar cash for blue rate and it made a big difference! Now the rate is 10:1 compared to the official rate of 5:1 – incredible! You need to take plenty of US cash with you if you visit before things change! Good luck and enjoy! It really helps if you speak some Spanish too so if you don’t already, perhaps consider learning/practicing at home whilst you plan. There are many highlights, season of course is important. I wished we’d got the right season for the whales in Valdez Pensinsular for example – definitely on my ‘go back’ list:)

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