BBC News – UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger

Western Gulls feeding on junk food remains at ...

Western Gulls feeding on junk food remains at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Junk Food!

Junk Food! (Photo credit: Samuel (this is my old account))

Junk food copy

Junk food copy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an amazing story reported by the BBC. Check it out!

BBC News – UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger.

Perhaps, the UN also sees insects as an alternative to junk food to address austerity?

What do you think?

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How Austerity Kills –


austerity (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

This is a must-read article in the New York Times. Check it out!

How Austerity Kills –

The authors, two academics, David Stuckler (Oxford) and Sanjay Basu (Stanford) provide evidence linking increasing suicides and austerity. Here is an extract from their article to give you a flavor:

If suicides were an unavoidable consequence of economic downturns, this would just be another story about the human toll of the Great Recession. But it isn’t so. Countries that slashed health and social protection budgets, like Greece, Italy and Spain, have seen starkly worse health outcomes than nations like Germany, Iceland and Sweden, which maintained their social safety nets and opted for stimulus over austerity. (Germany preaches the virtues of austerity — for others.)

Personally, I am hopeful that Germany will discretely soften her stance after the September election. The alternative of continued “austerity” is unthinkable.

Any thoughts?

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