BBC News – UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger

Western Gulls feeding on junk food remains at ...

Western Gulls feeding on junk food remains at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Junk Food!

Junk Food! (Photo credit: Samuel (this is my old account))

Junk food copy

Junk food copy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an amazing story reported by the BBC. Check it out!

BBC News – UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger.

Perhaps, the UN also sees insects as an alternative to junk food to address austerity?

What do you think?

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  1. The UN is contradicting itself because it also promotes Agenda 21 which involves very high environmental taxes,smaller living space for each person and an effective reduction of the Global population to 1 billion people from the present 7 billion people.

    Dr John Holdren President Obama’s Chief Scientific Advisor is very keen on Agenda 21 and Lord Christopher Monckton who has read both Agenda 21 and Dr Holdren’s book can be seen on You Tube explaining what all of this means.

    The Agenda 21 map shows the areas of land which the UN wants to see no farming on and no building or industry.

    This coupled with environmental taxes to combat non existent Global Warming would result in mass starvation,no ability to grow food and no money to buy what food was available.

    On that basis the UN,s “let them eat locusts ” mantra makes sense.

    It also fits in with the Malthusian doctrine because he formulated the idea that the world could only sustain 3 billion people,a figure which the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 want reduced to just 1 billion.

    China which together with Russia and India does not subscribe to this nonsense, is now buying up land in Argentina to supplement land they have already purchased in Cambodia and Brazil on which to grow food to feed their growing population.

    Russia is enlisting the help of English farmers tired of DEFRA to grow more food and is co-operating with the Ukraine to do the same.

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