Night GP service ‘staffed by nurses’ | Society |

English: UK traffic sign: Hospital ahead with ...

English: UK traffic sign: Hospital ahead with accident and emergency facilities (TSRGDNO 827.2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a very interesting article in the Guardian and well worth a read. Check it out!

Night GP service ‘staffed by nurses’ | Society |

The article highlights new depths in the UK National Health Service. It also focuses on an outsourced provider.

The underlying assumption is that there should be an effective out of hours service, just like reasonable response times in A & E units (accident and emergency units).

Once again, the conclusion is that David Cameron’s Government has failed; in the case of healthcare they have not been sufficiently ruthless in reducing waste, so front-line services have deteriorated significantly.

What really makes me angry is that so many people saw David Cameron’s slash and burn strategy for the public sector as likely to seriously impact front-line services, right from the beginning. If you are interested,  open this link for some of my earlier blogs on public sector cost reduction. Sadly, my earlier blogs are just as relevant today. Once again, we must assume that the Government turned to their cronies in the major consulting firms, whom they could rely upon to provide the evidence to support the policy (politics).

Any thoughts?

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  1. This goes back to the botched negotiations between Civil Servants and the BMA over out of hours cover.
    GPs were allowed to stop offering out of hours cover under the last Labour Government and to their eternal shame the Coalition has not renegotiated the terms and come up with a new contract.

    The BMA should be taken on for the money-grabbing, self-serving Trades Union which it is and any UK doctor refusing to provide out of hours cover should be dismissed and replaced, if necessary, with a suitably qualified foreign doctor.

    The use of private contractors is in itself not a problem but the failure to provide doctors is unless the nurses are “nurse practitioners” of a very high standard with access to a nearby qualified doctor.

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