Sticking to the script on Europe –

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English: DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN10 – David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, United Kingdom, speaks during the session ‘Rethinking Government Assistance’ in the Congress Centre of the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 29, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent editorial from the FT and well worth a read. Check it out!

Sticking to the script on Europe –

The FT editorial reminds the readership that the FT continues to be pro-Europe and encourages David Cameron to stick to his script. The article also reminds us that it is a minority of noisy Tory MPs who are as much worried about their seats in the next election as the future of UK membership in the EU.

It is perhaps time for responsible newspapers to start informing their readerships of the arguments for and against, plus the risks.

Any thoughts?

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