Aspiring tenants behind Right to Buy surge – News stories – Inside Government – GOV.UK

This is an interesting story put out by the No 10 press office. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

Aspiring tenants behind Right to Buy surge – News stories – Inside Government – GOV.UK.

Clearly, the UK Government is trying to stimulate renewed interest in buying property as an agent for kick-starting growth. Obviously, Margaret Thatcher’s funeral started people thinking about her successes in making working class voters property owners.

If UK people see increasing property values ahead, apart from more property transactions, there will be a feel good factor that will stimulate economic prosperity.

Personally, I think that David Cameron’s government is still playing with smoke and mirrors. It needs to be bold and stimulate massive capital investment both in the private and public sectors, in my view.

Any thoughts?

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5 responses

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  4. Aspiring tenants are not behind the buy to let expansion but professional landlords and others sick of seeing their money do nothing in the bank,pensions become worthless and not knowing enough to carefully play the stockmarket, are.

    The “smoke and mirrors” comments are accurate because what the Government is doing is far
    too little far too late and mostly wrong.

    People in London are enjoying a property boom and people in areas like Cambridge which is going through massive expansion at Northstowe are enjoying a property boom.

    Even where I live the new rail spur which will allow London bound trains to go directly to London will cut journey times and push up property prices beyond the reach of most first time buyers who are no longer relevant to the state of the housing market but whose opinions, which are worthless, are sought after by the BBC and the red top press as a means of creating headlines and confusing the public.

    The Government should be engaging in massive public works using infrastructure bonds and inward investment from China, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore and other Sovereign Wealth Funds.

    These should include airports and roads.

    Instead we get gay marriage, waste, little or no attempt to promote enterprise, no real attempt to get young people into work leading to a loss of a generation, more foreign military adventurism in Mali and the use of the SAS to aid the Syrian rebels and of course David Cameron publicly upsetting the Chinese to the point where they are so angry that they are refusing to welcome him and are holding up to hostage £8 billion gbp in trade and investment.

    Within 2.5 miles of where I live builders and construction workers who could be engaged in this building work are languishing in taxis outside Letchworth station earning a pittance under the iron tutelage of North Herts District Council who insist that all local taxis are serviced and repaired at a single garage that meets with their approval.

    The same sort of thing is true the length and breadth of the land yet the outgoing and useless Governor of the Bank of England tells people with a straight face that he can report a recovery with inflation slightly up.

    Clearly with the coldest spring for 100 years, rising animal feed prices and profiteering utility companies food is costing more and energy prices and higher global freight charges are going to more than offset the 1/2% growth Mervyn King and the Chancellor talk about and cause, along with rigged and gerrymandered petrol/diesel prices,much more inflation.

    David Cameron is little more than a latter day Nero in a Turnbull and Asser shirt minus his cloak and minus the fiddle.

    The country isn’t burning as Rome was in Nero’s day, but it is being held back by wrong headed policies, lack of worker productivity, ingrained laziness, corruption, waste, fraud and mismanagement, Ministerial incompetence, an overmanned Civil Service and a tax system which is simultaneously unfair and un-competitive where it matters.

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