Political Conspiracy Theorists Seek To Label Merkel as Russian Sleeper Agent – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a very interesting story reported in the Spiegel and well worth a read. Check it out!

Political Conspiracy Theorists Seek To Label Merkel as Russian Sleeper Agent – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The story will appeal to conspiracy theorists. Here are some open questions:

What do you think?


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  4. Angela Merkel is politically cunning, intellectually sharp and operates with an eye on the future.
    Throwing Russia a few bones does not make her a sleeper agent for Moscow even in my wildest dreams, but it reflects a historical reality.

    All empires go through phases and the Anglo-American one that is the chosen instrument of the Bilderberg movement which appointed her as German Chancellor long before the German people even knew they were going to have to choose her in an election that was already decided, is not going to be omnipresent forever.

    We are inexorably being eclipsed by the Far East and by the rest of the BRICS nations so any rational person would hedge their bets by maintaining cordial relations and trading links with Russia because it is Germany’s immediate neighbour to the East and because Russia, China and several other countries have formed a rival trading union and currency zone of their own.

    Germany has already built a number of coal fired power stations to replace its nuclear plants but these can be made 60% more efficient using misted water sprayed into each generator.

    Russian gas will also not make Germany permanently dependent because the quid pro quo will be contracts for German firms like Voith and Siemens to rebuild Russia’s economy and bring in foreign exchange.

    Secondly the Turkmenistan oil pipeline and Afghanistan’s mineral wealth outside of the Aynak mine, some of the real reasons for invading Afghanistan, will bring economic benefits to Germany which supplied some troops in that war but on a very modest scale when compared to our and the Americans loss of blood and treasure.

    The hostility to Cyprus is to do with Russian oligarchs and others in the EC such as the Sicilian Mafia who have looted money from Russia and EC budgets, laundered it and hidden it in Cyprus or laundered it and then used Cyprus as a transfer point prior to onward transmission to other more exotic tax havens such as Bermuda, the Seychelles where it would then be transmuted into gold, fine art and expensive real estate throughout Europe and London in particular.

    As the oligarchs have grown richer demands from those people and European Governments affected by the recession and manufactured banking crisis grew stronger along with demands for more money from Germany which Mrs Merkel’s political supporters and the German public would not countenance.

    So in the guise of Europe’s “schoolmaster”, Germany, under Merkel decided to haircut Cypriots by the same amount as her estimate of what the Oligarchs and others had taken from the EC (mostly Germany).

    The hair-cutting process also sets a precedent should the Euro and its planned replacement, the Amero, also fail.

    • John, many thanks for some fascinating insights here. Personally, I’m still a bit unconvinced about Bilderburg but I indentify with the general thrust of your argument

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