Senior Tories to warn No 10 of declining confidence in David Cameron | Politics | The Guardian

English: Prime Minister David Cameron speaking...

English: Prime Minister David Cameron speaking to the UK Home Office, on May 13, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

former British PM John Major in the Terme Hote...

former British PM John Major in the Terme Hotel on Ilidza Compound in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article in the Guardian and worth a read. Check it out!

Senior Tories to warn No 10 of declining confidence in David Cameron | Politics | The Guardian.

Personally, I think it is unfair to compare David Cameron to John Major; in my mind, John Major was more effective.

Simply, the problem with David Cameron is that nobody knows what he stands for because he is constantly moving his position on most things. Once upon a time we voted politicians in power based on their convictions.

Surely, it’s time to return to convictions?

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David Cameron, Gay Marriage and the Decline in UK Traditional Family Life: John Gelmini

English: David Cameron is a British politician...

English: David Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier today, I re-blogged a Telegraph article predicting that David Cameron would probably lose the vote to introduce  gay marriage because many traditional Tories were likely to vote against the bill in line with traditional religious values.

I received a very detailed response from John Gelmini which I am sharing below because I think that his arguments are in the wider public interest. I agree with John’s conclusion that it is time for David Cameron to move aside and let the people vote in a government based on normal democratic principles.



Just 1 person in 90 in the UK is gay although as a group they tend to have a lot more money and a lot more influence because a large proportion of the Labour front bench (about 1/3rd) and a fair number of Oxbridge educated graduates within the political and media elite are either gay or bi-sexual.

In the days before homosexuality was able to come out of the closet prior to Leo Abse‘s bill in 1974 their activities were known about but nobody in their wildest dreams ever thought it sensible to promote gay marriage.

Through the influence of the BBC, left-wing judges, Druids, atheists, agnostics, pagans and Satanists acting in concert, Judeo Christian ethics and philosophy has been reduced and the cause of people engaging in bizarre and unusual practices has been advanced to the point where all lifestyles are equal. Examples of this are the steady erosion of marriage by progressively easier divorce laws and the Head of the Family Law Division who wants to see American style “No Fault Divorce“, David Cameron’s failure to recognize marriage in the tax system, the covering up of pedophilia at high levels (not all the instances of pedophilia are down to Jimmy Saville and a few gnarled and has been comedians, Australian artists and entertainers, publicists and television personalities).

We are told repeatedly that “anything goes”, that any lifestyle is just fine, that people must be allowed every kind of debauchery and that the old values of self-discipline, self-control, hard work, value for money, a man’s word meaning something are all relics of a bygone age and that people thinking like that are “swivel eyed”, “closet loonies, racists and fruitcakes” and in need of being “detoxified”.

All our successful and up and coming industrial competitors such as South Korea, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany all have lower divorce rates than us and actively promote marriage and family life as one of the building blocks for a stable and prosperous economy. They do this as a matter of policy whilst inculcating into their people the idea that no-one owes them a living.

Gay marriage is contrary to Judeo Christian ethics, the teachings of other mainstream faiths, the traditional and accepted view of marriage which is as old as the human race itself, is not necessary, is uncalled for, was not in the Coalition agreement nor in the manifesto of the Conservative Party. It, along with David Cameron, needs to dispatched into history because if it isn’t the country will continue to decline and the focus on exports,  jobs and growth which was never there anyway will become even more dissipated.

Gay Marriage is only the start of a process leading to an “endgame” which will include a Euthenasia bill, no fault divorce, pre-nuptial agreements enforceable in law, cohabitee agreements enforceable in law, traditional marriage reduced to a meaningless cipher, more illegitimacy, the State given more power to remove children into care, “family” redefined to mean anything the Government of the day wants it to mean, fathers reduced in status to a cipher, test tube and male pregnancies, less marriage of the traditional kind and more single living, the indigenous population becoming a minority in England within 30 years.

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