Democracy? What democracy? – Rodney Willett

The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2010 Democra...

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2010 Democracy Index map: lighter colours represent more democracy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a very timely blog by Rodney Willett who takes a hard look at democracy in modern society. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

Democracy? What democracy?.

Rodney frequently blogs about politics, like myself. At first we thought that we had very different views but increasingly seem to be coming to the same conclusion from different start points.

I too am passionate about democracy or should I say “erosion of democracy”. For example, we have an unpopular coalition government in the UK that was not chosen by the people. Similarly, the troika of the ECB, EC and the IMF have  been able to take decisions that would not be supported by popular vote. Finally, the increasing federalism in Europe towards decisions taken in Berlin, proposed by modern Germany, is surely reducing local democracy across Europe?

What can be done to restore more effective democracy?

All views welcome.

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