What is the world’s best hangover cure? – Lonely Planet blog

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What is the world’s best hangover cure? – Lonely Planet blog.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Following a period of adequate sleep, the use of non-fluoride toothpaste, tea tree oil mouthwash and a cold shower to shock you out of your torpor, eat bananas and drink tomato juice and then breathe out vigorously through your mouth and breathe in through your nose until your befuddled head starts to clear.
    Breathing in this way, preferably whilst walking as briskly as you can manage, removes the alchohol from your bloodstream and the bananas and tomato juice replace the potassium you have knocked out of your body by overindulging and which causes your muscles to ache during a hangover.

    Follow this with a good breakfast, if you can force yourself to eat it, plus three multivitamins and some Aloe Vera to replace lost vitamins and minerals and to remove free radicals(Aloe Vera is a powerful anti oxidant).

    Now tell yourself mentally that your hangover has gone and that you have the energy of a lion you will then be cured of your self induced affliction.

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