Major Coalition projects like aircraft carriers, welfare reforms and broadband roll-out questioned by official Whitehall report – Telegraph

English: Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Ca...

English: Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sketch map of Whitehall, London, showing the p...

Sketch map of Whitehall, London, showing the position of the major UK Government buildings there (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent article from Christopher Hope, senior political correspondent at the Telegraph. This is a MUST-READ, in my view. Check it out!

Major Coalition projects like aircraft carriers, welfare reforms and broadband roll-out questioned by official Whitehall report – Telegraph.

The article cites evidence from the Major Projects Authority which is extremely damning on the competence of David Cameron’s Government.

In my view, it’s about time that Francis Maude, Cabinet Office Minister, was fired. The Cabinet Office and the Treasury have continued to use expensive consultants but have put a strangle-hold on the use of “independent professionals”. Many top-tier executive interim managers, like myself, chose to retire and some, like myself, chose move overseas in their disgust at the narrow-minded cronyism followed by David Cameron’s government. Some of us also put up a fight and took our case, via our MPs, to the Cabinet Office but we were faced with the Catch 22 of David Cameron’s Government.

When every self-respecting economist, including the IMF, is screaming for the UK Government to borrow an extra £10 billion this year and increase infrastructure spending immediately, we can see why the Government hesitates; they can’t manage projects already in the pipeline! Of course, austerity and slash-and-burn across the Public Sector has not helped.

Any thoughts, either on the article or my views?

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  18. All the pilots for Universal Credit failed because Housing Benefit recipients do not know how to budget in the way that other people do.

    Any Social Landlord could have told the Government that but of course Lord Freud a City Grandee who abandoned Labour when he realized that Gordon Brown stood no chance of winning the election in 2010,thought he knew best.

    Universal Credit has started in just 1 benefit office in the North of England and I do not believe it will be rolled out by October or will work.

    Aircraft Carriers take years to build and in my entire lifetime the MOD has failed to complete a single piece of procurement or a project on time and to budget, so these will not be ready either.

    Some welfare reforms will go through but we are now just 23 months away from an election which David Cameron is unlikely to win.

    The Coalition will probably not last the distance so the chances of HS2 or anything major getting implemented are slim because as the election approaches the civil servants slow down and frustrate the thrust of policy and any policies they dislike.

    In between then and now we have the prospect of potentially large numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians coming into the country, the Traffic Police being replaced by the Highways Agency in 2014, another credit downgrade and riots (We have already had mass demonstrations in Lincoln and Boston, Lincs).With 20% reduced police numbers and reduced police morale, the potential for benefit recipients to turn to crime if they are “sanctioned”(denied benefits of any kind), s 750,000 already have been and forced to rely on food banks, we have the makings of a “Perfect Storm” in terms of rising crime and disorder, fewer policemen/policewoman to deal with it and the Government unable to focus on implementing long term policies because of short term issues and the timing of the election cycle.

    • Thanks John. You paint a very grim picture but I fear that the prospects are real. The worst part is that the government has lost credibility and power but will probably try to limp on as long as possible

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