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Man or machine?.

We are all familiar with how many manual jobs have either moved offshore or been replaced by technology, so should we dumb-down or not?

I am a passionate believer in deploying the last technology provided it makes economic sense. However, I agree that there are lots of unemployed people with the wrong skills in many mature countries. Rather than just doling out unemployment benefit I believe that these people should be making an economic contribution to society; in my mind, unemployment benefit should be linked to  community service. Imagine if all the unemployed did ten days a month community service; this would be both economically and socially beneficial.

Any thoughts?


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  1. The reality is that with 1.4% economic growth which is what the UK has averaged since 946 (Source:Institute for Fiscal Studies–Andrew Dilnot), we will never achieve full employment as at least 3% growth is required for that.

    In the state education system, we are turning out people who cannot read,cannot write and cannot communicate(John Cridland –Director General of the CBI) and that same system fails to teach languages or render young people employable.

    The system is 44th in the world and falling further behind due to successive attempts by different Governments to deliberately dumb the system down by making examinations easier to pass,employing teachers with trendy methods including “differentiation”(the practice of teaching clever children along with the intellectually challenged in order to save money).

    1 child in 7 increasing to 1 in 5 in the Fens is effectively unemployable and most of the rest have unrealistic expectations of superstardom, becoming an internet millionaire, footballer or celebrity.
    The UK is also grossly overpopulated with 70 million people (includes illegal immigrants totalling 5 million and legal immigrants totalling 2.5 million),instead of the optimum population for a small country of the UK’s size which is at the most 35 million people.

    Most of the surplus people are old, no longer in the workforce, economically useless and the cause of the explosion in health and Adult Social Care costs and on top of the fact that there are not enough people in the workforce to pay for them the real economy is a busted flush with most investment going abroad and 3rd world worker productivity from the indigenous population running at 20th in the world.

    80% of the new jobs are going to new EC migrants from Eastern Europe and work which used to be done here is now done in China,India and the rest of the Far East.

    This is before 3D printing and Artificial intelligence takes hold.

    We need to take action on several fronts:

    1)Lower the population by removing all Adult Social care recipients without relatives to India and Thailand where they can be cared for at a fraction of the cost.

    2)Encourage more retired people to live overseas in warmer climates and come up with assisted migration programmes to countries in South America modelled on the ones to Australia and Canada which MacMillan piloted in the 1950,s and which ran in the 1960,s.

    3)Stop all immigration except for superbright students and wealthy inward investors prepared to create jobs

    4)Cut UK holiday entitlements for all workers to 4 weeks and abolish all Bank Holidays except Christmas until such time as UK productivity reaches global best in breed levels

    5)Cut the number of civil servants to 15,000 which was the number that used to prevail in 1885 at the height of the British Empire

    6)Build business “Boot Camps” run by the Army and mentors drawn from commercial life to set youngsters of a practical nature up in business and to teach them at least 2 useful languages so that they can work abroad.

    These would operate from age 18 to age 20,be residential with a 6 day curriculum and long intensive days and be preceded by 1 year,s worth of National Service.

    Board and lodging and minimal pocket money would be provided for Boot Camp attendees but no dole and they would be sent at least 50 miles from home to break the link between their former sedentary lives and the new reality.

    Brighter children would do 2 years of National Service to inculcate discipline and show by example that we are “All in this together”

    7)Quadruple the size of the export salesforce within a Parliament,increase writing down allowances on plant,machinery and equipment to increase capacity,introduce Pimsleur style language training for schools and export salespeople

    8)Lower taxes to Singapore style levels
    9)Issue infrastructure bonds to encourage Sovereign Wealth funds to build our much needed roads and airports

    10)Reduce MP numbers to 200 paid £125,000 gbp and put them all into a Government owned apartment block

    11)Reduce the Monarchy to a bicycling one,stop the Civil List and take all the revenues from Crown land to reduce the deficit.

    This to include a review of the Queen,s 7 billion acres of land and holdings which we as taxpayers have paid for with a view to sequestering all but £1 billion gbp,s worth and using the rest to reduce the deficit and repay hard pressed taxpayers who have been at the business end of the biggest swindle of all time.

    12)Abandon wind farm building and unnecessary carbon taxes

    13)Stop meddling in the affairs of other countries,cease military adventurism,stop lecturing others until such time as our affairs are in order and abandon pretensions to “punch above our weight”–We no longer possess the means militarily or otherwise to do so

    14)Increase support for science and R and D and stop overseas aid and the Barnett Formula

    15)Cut the Celtic fringe loose and make them live on their own taxes

    16)Renegotiate EU membership if possible or rejoin EFTA

    17)Cut the religeous tax exemptions for any Mosque that preaches sedition or radicalisation or engages in the supply of passports and bogus documentation to its congregants and deport anyone involved in these practices

    18)Introduce a new NI system without spare numbers based on the Singaporean system and remove all illegal immigrants and their families who will of course not be covered by the new system

    19)Start building houses thus employing construction workers on the dole ,young apprentices in the building trades and those employed as surplus taxi drivers

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