Dr Alf’s Top Twelve Blogs – last thirty days

Here a list of my top twelve blogs for the last thirty days, ranking by number of hits with most popular at the top:

  1. Why the world faces climate chaos – FT.com
  2. The best food in the world – and where to eat it | Travel Feature | Rough Guides
  3. Britain must take the lead in Europe, not decline outside – FT.com – Michael Heseltine
  4. Why the Baltic states are no model – FT.com
  5. What will happen to markets when QE ends? | FT – Gavyn Davies 
  6. Spain’s S-81 Isaac Peral Submarine Cost $680 Million To Build… And Can’t Float
  7. Thousands dying because hospitals are understaffed – Telegraph
  8. Secret Report Uncovers Massive Fraud at European Parliament | The Brussels Journal
  9. Global youth unemployment: The lost generation | The Economist
  10. Prosecuting bankers: Blind justice | The Economist
  11. Why I shifted sides in the UK’s civil war over Europe – FT.com – Gideon Rachman
  12. Going Vegetarian in Tapas-Happy Barcelona – NYTimes.comAlf

For those who are new, the purpose of this blog is to share my views and perspectives on the subjects that are of  passionate interest to me. It is hoped that the blog will broadly encourage greater reflection and insight. The blog  uses a mix of original and secondary material, frequently just adding my two cents worth to a major news story.

Any thoughts on why the twelve blogs cited above are the most popular?

For a bit of bio about me open the following link

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