Food banks now a lifeline for half a million people in Britain | Society | The Guardian

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This is a truly amazing story reported in the Guardian. It is recommended reading. Check it out!

via Food banks now a lifeline for half a million people in Britain | Society | The Guardian.

With half a million UK people turning to food banks surely there is no justification for the UK Government to still ring-fence current levels of foreign aid?

Surely, in the case of the UK charity should start at home?

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  3. Poverty is relative but I can remember a time when a man could do a simple blue collar job,buy or rent a modest house and marry and then go on to have 2 to 3 children and support himself and his family on what he earned without the wife having to go out to work ,full time or at all.

    Today the average Briton without parental assistance or featuring as a lottery winner cannot buy his first house until he is 38.

    We have 16.5 million people either out of work,sanctioned by DWP staff,incapacitated or engineered out of the figures out of a workforce of 32.5 million people.

    Several million people out of the remainder are on less than the minimum wage or on Housing Benefit because what they earn is insufficient to either enable them to buy or rent a house.

    We have Eastern Europeans living in sheds and working in conditions of indentured servitude for Agricultural Gangmasters who work for English farmers who in turn supply our supermarkets with cheap food.

    5000 farmers a week are going bankrupt and 150 commit suicide every year so they could be regarded as poverty stricken as well.

    These people plus 3 million on zero hours contracts and in work benefits plus the illegal immigrants totalling 4.5 million(let in under the last Labour Government just before E-Borders went live are genuinely poor.

    In contrast, a Times 1000 CEO earns £7.4 million gbp a year including £3.7 million gbp in basic salarly.
    This is 450 times the average wage in the UK whereas in Germany the equivelent ratio is 12 to 1. In good times, this level of inequality is tolerated but now as in ancient Rome before its fall I think it is unsustainable and very dangerous to the cohesion of society.

    Overseas aid does not help the poor in those countries as it is stolen by corrupt African and other dictators and creates the conditions for more children to be born than died as a result of famines such as the one Bob Geldof publicised in Ethiopia.

    We need to stop the overseas aid in its entirety,stop the dependence which it creates and if we are going to interfere assassinate and replace these dictators with people who will look after their own.
    If we allow Bulgarian and Romanian immigration at the levels envisaged(Clegg carefully refuses to give any estimate of possible numbers),we will ensure that more Britons do not get jobs and will choose to languish on the dole if they see the work as beneath them.

    At some point, if the weather improves this will turn to violence which the police with reduced numbers will be powerless to stop unless something is done to kick start the economy.

  4. The whole question of poverty and benefits is a nightmare. As I mentioned on a recent blog, you can almost match pound for pound the huge increase in national debt with the benefit payments made by the state. What do we mean by “poverty”? One man’s poverty is another man’s wealth. Who should be responsible for those who “cannot” be responsible for themselves? The state or their families? Where do we go if the state finally can no longer afford the level of benefits to which people have become accustomed?

    None of which answers Dr Alf’s question. Personally I think nearly all government aid tends to be lost in the system as does much that is channeled through the larger charities. I may be wrong on both counts but when I speak to friends who run very small charities and compare what they achieve per pound to what is achieved through government aid I am impressed by those achievements. The trouble is that you cannot expect people to give to those in real poverty – not UK poverty but African poverty with no food, no home, few clothes and sometimes no water.- when we use the term “poverty” to describe people who have all those things and take their benefits as a right. So, until you can make people more charitable then I suppose we hang in with foreign aid despite all the problems – and all taxpayers are already funding the interest payments on the loans that go toward “charity at home”. And all that from someone who is far from being on the right wing!

  5. 750,000 people have been “sanctioned “(denied benefits), by Benefits office staff and large numbers of people fail Atos Origin work capability tests whilst another 1 million or so are in receipt of NI credits or are “waiting to hear about benefits”.

    Whilst many benefit recipients are very bad at managing money and overspend thus putting themselves in a position where benefits do not extend to a grocery shop and others guzzle beer in Witherspoon pubs a proportion are made to wait so long for their money that they have no recourse.

    In one case the local MP had to intercede after benefits agency staff sat on a file for more than 3 months putting that person,s tenancy at risk and forcing the landlord to seek rent from the guarantor.
    Foodbanks are being run by the Trussell Trust and more recently by the Knights of Malta across Europe and the UK under the direction of their CEO,an auctioneer from Sotheby,s ,Matthew Festing.

    For this to happen at the same time as overseas aid is running at £12 billion gbp a year and the MP,s have demanded a pay rise in double digits is obscene as is the fact that Buckingham Palace are demanding extra money for heating at the same time as the Government dithers on fracking.

    Urgent measures are now needed to focus on the top line rather than making poor people poorer.
    This means:

    –Rebuilding our Ruritanian infrastructure and putting out of work construction workers languishing on the dole and in my local station taxi rank ,back to work.

    Some of this money could come from the Chinese via infrastructure bonds if only David Cameron would stop upsetting them in public over Tibet ,human rights abuses and other matters when he knows full well that our hands are far from clean(775,000 dead in Iraq an illegal war,more dead in Afghanistan,hundreds of our young fighting men killed or reduced to vegetables and all for nothing but a regime run by Hamid Karzai a corrupt politician with a drug baron for a brother)
    –Increasing exports and our export /language training capability
    –Supporting science and R and D in exportable products
    –Lowering taxes to bring back onshore monies currently hidden away in tax havens

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