Gay Marriage, Faith and the Thin End of the Wedge – John Gelmini

Crowd in support of Gay Marriage

Crowd in support of Gay Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I re-blogged an excellent article entitled Faith leaders demand gay marriage rethink published in the Telegraph. I received a thoughtful response from John Gelmini which I am re-blogging below:

Gay Marriage, Faith and the Thin End of the Wedge – John Gelmini

Gay Marriage is the thin end of the wedge and is the Trojan Horse for American style no fault divorce, as promoted by the Head of the Family Law Division, cohabitee agreements which will result in the property becoming jointly owned after 6 months proof of residency via receipt of mail even though one cohabiting partner may not have contributed a penny.

Once this happens, everyone will be made to be responsible for whoever they are living with and the dole bill will be slashed to a fraction of its present level.

Male and test tube pregnancies will follow, as will cloning and Judeo Christian ethics, the basis of English Common Law for nearly 1000 years will disappear in favor of agnosticism, atheism, Sharia Law practiced selectively in Muslim areas, agnosticism, mysticism, Druidism and a massive increase in Satanism (currently tracking at 500,000 adherents including the pop establishment and the Glitterati such as Peaches Geldof who follow OTO (Alastair Crowley’s version).

Children, and I speak from personal experience, need a mother and a father and some certainty as to the way things work and the building blocks of a stable society which are marriage, family and children will be damaged.
Look at all our major industrial competitors and any stable society where people are prospering and every one of them values marriage and family and is making rapid economic and societal progress.

We are falling behind and eventually will disappear from the face of the earth because our replacement rate is 1.88 as opposed to 2.4 which is the minimum needed for continued survival of the race.

For me, this will not matter but Gay Marriage, low rates of family formation, Englishmen buying houses at 37, too many singletons, too many gay men and woman,  is going to make the saying ”The meek (Old Hebrew for many) to inherit the earth” come true.

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  6. The levels of delinquency, under achievement, drug taking and unemployment amongst C1’s, C2’s ,D’s and E’s plus the growing army of feral children suggest otherwise.

    Much of this has been attributed to the lack of male role models in schools by no lesser a person than Sir Michael Wilshire the Head of Ofsted.

    The Americans recognize it as well which is why they developed their troops to teachers program where the former soldiers get better results than actual teachers from those they are teaching.

    We currently have 1 million school leavers in makework training programs which is a way of keeping them out of the unemployment figures and we have 1.25 million NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training).
    Most of these children have an absent father assuming out of many possible fathers the real one can be identified so the evidence for a correlation between a complete loving family and scholastic performance is pretty self evident.

    Our education system at state level, ages 5 to 18 is 44th in the world way behind Finland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Germany, the undisputed master of Europe.

    To quote John Cridland, Director General of the CBI “The state education system is producing children who cannot read, cannot write and cannot communicate”.

    The question is why?

    Dumbing down exams so that they lack intellectual rigor is one reason, differentiated teaching rather than whole class teaching is another, but the biggest failing of all is lack of discipline and the idea that “learning must be fun”, must have “wow factor” and that there must be no losers only participants.
    This feminine approach is producing soft, mollycoddled, non-work ready students who in many cases have to take Ritalin and other drugs to make their behaviour acceptable to the point where they can be taught.

    Fathers and male teachers acting as role models who can inculcate disciplined study and work habits are essential to reversing this decline in standards of education amongst boys because with annualized growth rates of 1.4% a year since 1946 and no growth to speak of now there cannot be full employment because for that 3% growth is needed.

    In fact, on current form even with the school leaving age rising to 18,50% of our young people will not find jobs.

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  8. While I fully understand John’s fears there are two reasons why I cannot agree with his views.

    The first is a simple one. Like many others, during my early and most formative years I was brought up by a single mother. She was not called such nor did she think of herself in that light. Because I was born before WWII it was just when – according to modern thinking – I most needed a father that he was taken out of the scene. When he eventually returned it was too late for us to ‘bond’. Thus I dispute the need for a mother and a father. Very advantageous – yes. Essential – no.

    Now for faith. We have been around in one form or another for getting on for a million years. Judeo-Christianitly for about eight thousand and then for a limited few. Does anything else have to be said?

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