Gazprom making strong contribution to meeting growing demand for gas in Europe -Gasprom

This is an interesting press release from Gazprom and well worth a read. Check it out!

Gazprom making strong contribution to meeting growing demand for gas in Europe.

From a strategic supply perspective, I can see many European countries, especially Germany and Turkey increasingly dependent upon Gazprom and possibly susceptible to political intervention from the Russian government.

Surely, strategic procurement best practice would recommend having an alternative supplier as well? In this regard, Cyprus potentially fits the bill admirably, with likely capacity to meet up to 40% of Europe’s supply in the decades ahead.

Surely, it is about time that Germany and the EU started to view Cyprus strategically?

Any thoughts?


Gazprom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    • Thanks. Would like to perhaps write a guest article to my 5,000+ followers? How about “Developing Offshore Gas & Oil in the Eastern Med – Risks & Opportunities”?


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