A Hard Look at Childhood Obesity in the UK – John Gelmini

self-made picture of child who weighs somewher...

self-made picture of child who weighs somewhere between 200 and 210 pounds. i blocked out his face for his own protection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

Childhood obesity has a number of causes not least of which is the propensity of their parents to provide a bad example by being grossly overweight themselves.

Mollycoddling and featherbedding children to the point where some three-year olds still suck on teats and cannot walk is another cause of childhood obesity, as is driving them to school, picking them up from school, spoiling them and allow them to spend vast amounts of time on social media and surfing the internet from a sedentary position for hours on end.

Schools encourage laziness by not pushing children hard enough and by selling off playing fields which means most of them fail to exercise at school.

Sugar and salt content in all foods needs to be lowered to about 20% of their present levels and E numbers and Bisphenol A which helps to create obesity as well as being carcinogenic, a testosterone depleter, gender bending and gay orientation inducing, needs to be banned.

This means variable taxes on foods with the highest on fast foods and controls over the Alimentarius Commission and their activities which are harmful to health.

Parents, particularly those who come from Socio-Economic groups C1, C2, D and E, who are on benefits, or low incomes need to be taught how to cook properly, grow food and be advised on vitamin supplementation, health, diet and exercise.

A heavier tax on alcohol sold in supermarkets is also needed so that through example, parents in their own person can demonstrate healthy eating and responsible drinking rather than “getting bladdered”, “larging it up” and any of the other euphemisms for drunkenness and boorish behavior which these sorts of people use.

John Gelmini


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  4. Bisphenol A has all the characteristics I described and has been the subject of a BBC programme as well.
    In that programme they tested peoples’ urine and even the BBC reporter said that more research was needed in the same way that the MOD did with Gulf War syndrome when it first denied the problem and was then forced to the new position by American research and payouts to servicemen affected by Gulf War Syndrome.
    Now as then we are behind the curve in terms of medical knowledge, so Bisphenol A is the next “tobacco” or “asbestos” scandal waiting to happen.

    Whilst it has been banned in Canada it is not banned here and not banned in America where most people are enormous.

    It is present on UK till rolls, hard plastics and the insides of tins.

    People in this country by and large do not follow the Mediterranean diet or cook their own food properly and as a result we now have the fattest woman in Western Europe and the 4th fattest men even though we actually eat no more food than anyone else.

    It is also not just fat content, because the French eat large quantities of full fat cheese and meat, yet manage to outlive us without the diabetes and dementia epidemic on the same scale as our own.

    UK males have the lowest sperm count in Western Europe and our “replacement rate” is 1.88 as opposed to the 2.4 it needs to be for the survival of the indigenous population.

    We also have more gay people per head of population than does any other country in Western Europe and the effects of Bisphenol A and the contraceptive pill are known to have changed the sex of fish because the filtering processes used for producing our drinking water do not touch these substances which are then ingested by expectant mothers, babies and everyone else.

    The Bilderberg Group
    This organisation which used to deny its existence has now had to emerge into the mainstream and contrary to what we are told does not meet to discuss the health of its participants.

    Prior to the time when we were enjoying petrol at under £1.20 gbp a litre the Bilderberg meeting in Sitges Spain decided that we were to pay £1.45 gbp a litre the following year and like clockwork this is what happened.

    This time, they have decided on the need for much higher environmental taxes and a wider Middle East War.
    The precursor to much higher environmental taxes will be the call for road pricing and the emergency meeting in Exeter this weekend of the Met Office to discuss the nature of recent weather and the fact that we have had one of the coldest springs for 52 years.

    I will predict now that it will come out with a call to action citing melting Arctic ice melting as the reason for an impending “catastrophe” requiring all sorts of new environmental taxes.

    They have lost credibility because 80% of their forecasts are wrong and people like Tesco refuse to use them but the BBC which is in favor of green taxes, attends Bilderberg meetings but never reports is still keen to use them.

    The case for a Middle East war is clearly outlined on the PNAC website with Syria, the Lebanon and ultimately Iran targeted for “regime change”.The people that compiled that website such as Pearle, Wolfewitz etc all happen to be Bilderberg attendees

    President Obama’s decision to create a “humanitarian” no fly zone over Syria or part of it represents a change immediately following the recent Bilderberg meeting but this may just be coincidental.
    There is therefore a correlation between Bilderberg meetings and momentous world events and a noticeable speeding up of decision making afterwards.

    This too may be coincidental but with coincidences every single year and always at the same time logic suggests a different explanation.

    Chemtrailing/Weather Engineering
    Since 1953 when the RAF seeded the skies above a small Devon village and caused a massive and damaging downpour to rage through the town,killing 7 people, we have been engaged in attempts to modify the weather and reduce ageing populations either by spraying chemicals into the air or by causing crops to fail in countries we didn’t like.

    During the 1970s the UK experienced very severe weather caused by Russian weather warfare technology based on Nikola Tesla’s invention /discovery of Scalar technology.

    A lot of this can be read about on the Tom Bearden website.(Tom Bearden who worked for the Pentagon was an expert on scalar weapons and weather warfare).
    The Americans, anxious to catch up built the HAARP, 40 acre facility in Gotoma Alaska using componentry from BAe Defence Systems.

    The US Airforce published a document called “Owning the Weather ,Full Spectrum Dominance 2025” which was still on the web and which describes their thinking.

    In 1973, the Americans initiated Project Stormfury which had the effect of extending the monsoon season on the Ho Chi Minh trail by 3 months.

    This and pictures of the airmen involved at the time are also part of what is publicly available and in the 40 years since the processes of both Weather modification/warfare and chemtrailing, which are interliked,has come on by leaps and bounds.

    The Russians have a company called Elate Intelligent Technologies whose CEO has a business card which reads “Weather made to order”.

    This company was engaged by the Malaysian Government to create a monsoon and scrub the sky of pollutants for an important national day which would otherwise have been cancelled and does work all over the world transforming hurricanes into gentle breezes and small hurricanes into weapons capable of destroying cities.

    The EC has a HAARP style facility in Tromso in conjunction with the Norwegians and the Chinese have their own facility as well.
    Chemtrailing using barium oxide and other chemicals is organised from Wright Patterson airforce base and is designed to create a cooling effect by reflecting sunlight away from the earth in an attempt to stop “Global Warming”.

    These chemicals end up in the air people breathe and would not normally be something that one would expect to find in a clean atmosphere.

    We do similar things here as Ken Daley could see with his own eyes if he compared normal contrails and the colour of the resultant sky with the different coloured skies produced by chemtrailing.

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  6. It’s difficult to disagree with John’s core arguments – that children need to exercise more, that parents are responsible for setting an example and that schools also carry a weight of responsibility for including regular exercise within their mandatory curriculum.

    Unfortunately, several of John’s other points (which are recurrent in his posts) are misguided at best and need to be filed in the ‘conspiracy-based nonsense’ category along with previous comments on homosexuality, ‘chemtrailing’, Satanists and the Bilderberg group.

    One medical journal recently posted the following in reference to Bisphenol A…

    “There is no proven link between bisphenol A (BPA) and childhood obesity. Body weight is a regularly measured parameter in each toxicological study. None of the studies conducted according to internationally-accepted quality guidelines showed effects on body weight at dose levels relevant to consumers. Media reports that obesity might be an effect of BPA exposure are based on a small number of studies with a number of limitations (e.g., small samples, limited number of dose levels, using an inappropriate route of exposure). Recent scientific reviews by authorities such as European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the Center for Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (CERHR), Health Canada and other scientific bodies were consistent in the conclusion that there is no evidence that BPA exposure causes obesity.”

    It went on…

    “Bisphenol A (BPA) does not fulfil the scientific definition of an endocrine disruptor. BPA was not specifically synthesised to be used as a hormone, but was screened together with many other substances in the 1930s and failed to show relevant potency. Like many naturally-occurring products and everyday foodstuffs such as carrots, soy beans or other vegetables, BPA shows very weak, estrogen-like effects, and only at extremely high levels. Such levels can realistically never be reached in daily life”

    • Ken,

      Many thanks for your posting. I will let John respond for himself on your reference to ‘conspiracy-based nonsense’ but do have a couple of observations on your point about Bisphenol A.

      Firstly, the evidence that you cite does not prove that Bisphenol A is safe.

      Out of interest I ran a quick search on Wikepedia. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisphenol_A.

      In particular, I quote from the overview:

      “BPA exhibits hormone-like properties that raise concern about its suitability in consumer products and food containers. Since 2008, several governments have questioned its safety, which prompted some retailers to withdraw polycarbonate products. A 2010 report from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned of possible hazards to fetuses, infants, and young children.[2] In September 2010, Canada became the first country to declare BPA a toxic substance.[3][4] The European Union, Canada, and recently the United States have banned BPA use in baby bottles.”



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