Dr Alf’s Top Six Blogs – Last Seven Days

I thought that it might be interesting to share a list of my top six blogs in the last seven days. They are ranked by the number of hits, with most popular first:

  1. Dr Alf’s Two Cents – If we can now talk about spending on the elderly, George Osborne will have another reason to thank Ed Balls – Telegraph Blogs
  2. Dr Alf’s Two Cents: Hail the outbreak of honesty about Greece’s bailout – FT.com
  3. Dr Alf’s Two Cents: Even Labour has set its sights on pensioners | Ros Altmann | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
  4. A Hard Look at Childhood Obesity in the UK – John Gelmini
  5. Dr Alf’s Two Cents: It is time for Lord Ashcroft and the Tory party to part company – Peter Obone – Telegraph
  6. A Hard Look at Jeremy Heywood Cabinet Secretary Downing Street – John Gelmini
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