The G8 Obama and Syria: Why Putin Came Out on Top – The New Yorker

This is an excellent article from John Cassidy in the New Yorker. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ in my view.

The G8, Obama, and Syria: Why Putin Came Out on Top : The New Yorker.

Whilst I was not surprised at the G8 once again failing to live up to its hype, the conclusion is deeply worrying. UK G8 host David Cameron was certainly no match for the shrewd and decisive Vladimir Putin.

Any thoughts?

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  2. David Cameron did not even get agreement on steps to deal with tax evasion from the G8 attendees so for him it was a conference where he was able to posture but achieved very little.

    Arming the Syrian rebels will cause a Russian response in the form of advanced missiles and more logistical support for Assad or his successor in the event that the West assassinates him or forces a replacement.

    The UK has just sacked nearly 5000 soldiers and Mr Cameron wants to “reserve the right to intervene in Syria” without notifying Parliament.

    He will only be able to intervene with the assistance of America, France, Turkey and Israel and if they do so Russia will not just sit there and there will be a wider war with unforeseen consequences.
    Vladimir Putin is a better chess player than David Cameron and will create circumstances in which we will have to put up or shut up.

    Under those conditions, as we have seen with the NHS, and a whole host of other issues David Cameron and the cautious Obama will blink before actually committing American troops.

    That commitment cannot happen until at least the culmination of withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 following agreement with the Taliban.

    The UK lacks the boots on the ground to really intervene in a wider Syrian war, or Middle East war, unless conscription is envisaged to supplement troop numbers decimated by recent sackings and cuts to defense expenditure.

    This for a war which the public see as none of the UK’s business in the run-up to a General Election which the Coalition is unlikely to win, as long as David Cameron is in charge.

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